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St. Christopher Falcons


To coach (head and assistant) for all sports you must complete the following:

1. Sign up and take the VIRTUS class through the Parish Office.  Please contact Linda Slattery in the GIFT Office.  VIRTUS is a requirement by the Diocese for anyone who will be around minors.

2. After taking the VIRTUS class, be current on your monthly bulletins.  These bulletins are very quick and easy to complete.  Once you fall behind by 3 or more bulletins, you are at risk to have to take the VIRTUS class again.  You can find the VIRTUS website linked on our homepage.

3.  You must have taken and have a current Concussion Certificate from either NFHS or CDC.  These certificates are good for approx. 3 years.  You can find the link on our website or you can find more information under the Policies & Handouts section of our website.