Website Manager


Registration Instructions

New Users

1)     In top right corner of screen click “Register”.

2)     Complete the “Create New Account” form with the parent's information then click the "Create Account" button.

3)     Use the “Add a New Participant” form to enter the player's information.

4)     At the “Programs Available” page select the program you want. For example “2016 Spring Season”.
5)     When you select a registration program, do not select the individual "Sale" items. Registration has an option to add uniform and other items.

6)     Fill out the Emergency Contact and Medical waiver page. Select “Yes” to accept the waiver.

7)     Sign up to be a team volunteer if you are interested. We need as many volunteers as possible.
8)     Select "Yes" for uniform and any other items you want to add.

9)     Select a payment method at the “Checkout” page. “Credit Card” or “Mail in Check”.

10)   Select a payment plan if one is available.
11) Complete the “Checkout” process. You will receive an email confirmation.

Returning Users

1)  In top right corner of screen click “Login”.

2) If you have entered your child or children in the past you will see them under "Participants".

3) To add a child(participant), move the mouse over the circle icon next to "Participants" and click on "Add Participant".

4) To register a child for a program, click on the "Programs Available" button next to that child and follow the instructions from number 4 above.