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The Apaches track program, in collaboration with Track On Point Track club, offers a great opportunity for boys and girls ages 4 and older who want to enhance their track and field skills or get in shape.  Runners learn the fundamentals of individual events as they develop running, throwing and conditioning skills in an organized setting.  The program runs during the summer from May to the end of July and consists of two types of activities--Conditioning and Competition.

Conditioning.  Helps increase the athlete's strength, agility, speed, and power.
Competition.  Prepares athletes for the various running competitions, i.e. sprints and relays.

For Track & Field Runners, we train you in: Running Forms, Starting Blocks, Reaction Time, Relay Hand Offs and Endurance. We run:

  • 50m Dash         
  • 100m Dash         
  • 200m Dash         
  • 400m Dash         
  • 800m Run 
  • 1600m Run
  • 3000m Run
  • 4 x 100m Relay 
  • 4 x 200m Relay 
  • 4 x 400m Relay 
  • 4 x 800m Relay 

Our program is geared for anyone wanting to improve their speed, motor skills, agility or prepare for any youth, high school, college or post collegiate sport.  This program encourages parent participation and support.  We welcome all abilities of runners and ask only for their best effort at practice and meets. Though striving to win is an important, even vital, part of all sports – no effort in striving to win will be made at the expense of our athletes’ well-being, development, and enjoyment.

will be held Mondays through Friday from 6 to 8pm, at Lindale Middle School, except in the event of extreme weather.  If practice is cancelled, coaches will send notification.  Additionally, due to cramping and nausea often associated with eating heavy foods in proximity to practice start times, we recommend athletes opt for fruit and light foods prior to practice.

Practice will consisit of:

  • Warm-up / Stretching
  • Practice drills as outlined by coach(es)
  • Warm down

Athletes should have the following at each practice:

  • Bottle of water
  • Active wear
  • Sweats / Outer wear
  • Training shoes

Track Meets.  Apaches runners may choose the track meets they wish to participate.  Attendance at all track meets is NOT mandatory.  However, it is very important to let the coaches know if you will be attending a particular meet.  Advance registration is often required and follows very strict rules.  Meet information will be provided prior to each meet by the coaches.  This will include detailed information regarding the event location, directions to the meet, and meet schedule with event times.

Equipment.  The Apaches will provide quality safety equipment and training facilities for your child.

  • Team Uniforms.  Information about the uniforms will be provided at a later time. 
  • Sweats/Athletic Wear.  Keeping muscles warm greatly improves flexibility, reduces stiffness and will allow athlete to put their best effort forward.  In addition to practice attire (shorts and shirt) it is important that athletes are equipped with sweatshirt and sweatpants.  This will be required at all practices and meets.
  • Running Shoes.  The most important piece of equipment needed is a good pair of running shoes.  This provides the athlete with the necessary support to prevent and/or minimize injuries associated with running.  For their safety, it is absolutely essential that athletes wear proper shoes during practice.  Acceptable shoes are “running shoes” or “cross-country” shoes.  Unacceptable and unsafe choices are basketball shoes, Vans, sandals, or flat tennis shoes.  Local sports shoe stores have several acceptable choices.

For more information contact Coach Topper and Cassie Costin, Track Commissioner(s) at [email protected].