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Flags and Fields

-- first Home team at a field is responsible for getting corner flags to the field

-- last Away team at a field is responsible for returning corner flags to the garage at the PSC Clubhouse

-- PSC Clubhouse is located at 580 Smith Road (

-- Garage on Left Side has the corner flags in it and the code for the keypad is shared with coaches via email during the season.

-- Use flags with stakes on the end for grass fields and flags with bases for turf fields.
---- Never use flags with stakes on the turf fields!!!

-- Please pick-up flags on the morning of your game (not the night before) and return immediately after the game ends.  Never leave the flags in your car for an extended period of time, as this can cause the poles to warp and bend.
-- For Division 7, the last Away team of the day folds (not disassemble) and takes home all 8 pugg goals.
---- The next weekend they will be the first home team and are responsible for bringing back the pugg goals and setting them up for the day.
---- No corner flags are used for Division 7

-- A flag schedule is posted below the links to the game schedule each week to help teams figure out if they are responsible for flags or not.

At Central Middle School
-- Please do not use the Lower field at Central Middle School for practices.  
---- We have been asked by the school to stay off that field so it does not get damaged on the field hockey team.
---- If we schedule your game at Lower CMS, it is okay to use it, but for all training please find other space.

-- Do NOT park in the Church or Cemetery parking lots next to CMS.

---- our field permits with the BOE do not include these parking lots.  Any cars parking in them risk being towed by the owners.
---- all cars parking at CMS need to park in the school's parking lots only.

At Reynolds Field:
-- if your game is the last activity at the complex, please close and lock the entrance and exit gates to help us make sure people aren't using these fields without PSC's permission.

At All Fields
-- Help us to keep fields clean.  We ask coaches, players, and all spectators to help us leave all fields cleaner than when we got there.  Throw garbage bags in your kit and use them to clean-up benches, fields, and bleachers after games and practices.

-- Remind all spectators that dogs and other pets are not permitted at any of the fields.  This is especially true at the school fields, where dogs are already forbidden by the board of education.

-- Check field conditions before using them.  If you get to a field and find it in an unplayable condition, please do not use it.  We do our best to check fields before games, but can't always get to every field.  Help us to ensure that we don't damage fields for future weeks.  If you find one that is unplayable, stay off and report it back to your division director and myself.

-- Only park in properly designated areas or zones.  Never drive your car on the field or grass at any of our game locations.

-- When practicing or warming up on a grass field, avoid doing it in the penalty box.  This part of the field gets a lot of attention during games and is usually the soonest to get worn out.  If you avoid practicing and warming up in the penalty box, you will help us keep the fields available for the whole season.

-- During wet and rainy days, always check to confirm the field is OPEN before going to use it.  For school fields, call 973-263-7200 ext. 5555 to check the BOE message and/or check this site: For township fields, check this site .  If you get to the field and find a "FIELD CLOSED" sign on it, please stay off.  Sometimes the park committee will place a physical sign on the field before they have a chance to update the website.

-- Do Not Move Goals at Grass Fields.  Particularly at the school fields, we ask that you do not move the goals and other equipment around.  Our VP and Director of Facilities spend a lot of time setting up these fields for games, and we need you to help us keep them in that condition by not moving the equipment we have secured to the ground.

-- Directions to all fields can be found here:

Thank you everyone for helping us by making sure your teams follow all these rules.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact myself and your division director.

Vice President of Intramural
Parsippany Soccer Club

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Parsippany Soccer Club

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Parsippany Soccer Club

PO Box 212 
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Email: [email protected]
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