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May, 2022

AMFC Elite Winter training and games 2022-23

AMFC Elite Open-House
This is the information from the 21-22 sessions, but should still you an accurate description of how our structure works


We wish to thank you for your interest in AMFC Elite program. This note will serve as a brief summary of what you can expect during the Open-house process.


Winter open house registration:

·       Returning AMFC players log into your account and select the “AMFC 2021 winter I registration” option which will register you for the open house. (Reminder, make sure that you are using the Elite (Kiwi Green) AMFC website to ensure that you able to log into the correct account in order to see you options.

·       New players to the club. Use the link below to access the Elite Website. Set up your account, add your child or children to the account as participants. Select the “AMFC 2021 winter I registration” option and that will put you into the open house data list.



Tuesday November 2nd and Thursday November 4th

St. Paul’s Church
1588 Greenlawn Ave Akron Ohio United States 44305


Open-house hours are based on your child’s birth year.

2011, 2012 and 2013 Boys and Girls 5pm to 6pm

2010,2009, 2008 Boys and Girls 6pm to 7pm

High School Girls (All age groups) 7pm to 8pm

2007, 2006, 2005 High School Boys 8pm to 9pm

2004, 2003 High School Boys 9pm to 10pm


Sunday November 7th

Akron Indoor Soccer
73 Rosewood Ave. Akron Ohio United States 44301

HS Girls 6pm to 7pm (All age groups)

HS Boys 7pm to 8pm (All age groups)

The times above have been requested but as a try-out/practice request the building will honour indoor league game time scheduling first. As additional information becomes available, we will pass it onto all of the players that are registered for the open-house.



COVID 19 Safety Protocols 

· AMFC maintains stringent safety protocols for all activities taking place within their buildings. We ask that you please make yourself and your athlete familiar with them

· We ask that all parents do a health screen of their athlete prior to leaving their home or keep the athlete home if they have been in contact the past 14 days with someone who has COVID

· There will be temperature checks taken as soon as a player enters the facility

· Please arrive within 10 minutes of your scheduled session (no earlier)

· Players are to maintain social distancing while not in the training session

· Players are to keep their drinks/water bottles inside of their bags when not being used to ensure no cross contamination between players

· Please leave the facility as soon as your scheduled session is over.

· Parents are asked to wait in the parking lot for their child. Please keep your phone readily available in the event of an emergency or your athlete has a high temperature reading and is not permitted to proceed within the training session.

· Spectators will not be permitted into the building, unless necessary. Parents are to contact Denzil Antonio if special arrangements need to be made

Open House Process

· Returning AMFC players are asked to wear AMFC shirts, black, AMFC Kiwi green or navy shorts, and black (dark) or white AMFC socks for the session.

· New players are encouraged to wear any soccer related clothing

· Players will check-in with an AMFC representative, after finishing their temperature check, to ensure that you are a registered player. Registration can be handled in the lobby but that will delay the child’s participation in the session.

· Players may bring their own futsal ball, however no outdoor balls will be permitted.

· Time slots are 55 minutes in length: Sessions will run 50 minutes with 5 minutes to allow players to exit the building before the next group enters for temperature checks/player check-ins prior to the start of the next session


With the number of players coming to this event potentially rising each day we may have to impose limits on the number of participants that are involved in the winter sessions. The space in the building is the limiting factor and we will all that we can to follow the safety protocols established by the health department.

If there are any immediate questions, please reach Denzil Antonio at 330-807-4844

All the best

AMFC Elite Coaching Staff