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Mar, 2020

AMFC....The Spring Update

Dear AMFC Members,

A typical weekend morning in Mid-March would usually be a time that we are all prepping our children for some kind of soccer related activity.  That weekend rhythm of setting the morning alarm, eating a nutritious breakfast, packing the soccer bags (making sure they didn’t forget their soccer shoes and uniforms), packing up the car with our chairs and warm clothing, and watching our kids play soccer with their teammates - has (sadly) all been suspended.

While currently, we have been advised to keep ourselves and our families home, healthy and safe; there will be a time that this all ends and we will be back on the field - and when that time comes we want all of our member families to be ready. Our governing bodies are the ones we follow when it comes to defining when we can progressively get back to doing what all enjoy so much. At such time, information will be passed onto your team managers and they will pass on that information.

Our Senior Leadership team, Club president Charlie Van Riper, Elite boys VP Harry Wade, Elite girls VP Tawanda McCray, Club facilities VP David Reyman, Elite fundraising VP Jackie Goins, Elite Executive and DOC Denzil Antonio and Elite associate DOC Rob Gardner will all be involved in the process of jump-starting the spring season when the go ahead is given. We have made the commitment to welcome back each player and get them back with their coaches, teammates and friends.  

Our leadership group are like all of you - this disruption has become a strain on our families - disrupting our routines, isolating our social lives and straining our finances.  

A separate email will be going out to groups of families that are in varying payment situations. Payment plans for year-round participants, WI+ II+Spring participants and Wll+Spring participants will be addressed as well as those families that have registered and paid for Spring. Please keep in mind that the spring declaration fees for each team we have declared for the spring, were paid in January. This means that the league directors have been diligently working on the registration, schedule, game and official assignments since that time. As a result of this, it would be expected for the league to hold each league club to be responsible for a certain level of these expenses. Details of all of this will follow in that email.

Notices to all members that have past due balances for services already rendered have been sent out and reminders will be sent next week. We will continue to stay up to date on all accounts and keep everyone informed as time goes on. Thank you for your continued understanding and support as we navigate through this together.

While I realize these are just ‘words in a letter’, the proof will be in our actions, and we are committed to the AMFC core of values of treating all members as family members and addressing our needs as a family. All we ask from our membership is to keep yourselves healthy, so everyone is ready to get back to all of our spring activities as soon as this is all over.

Our leadership team gets its strength from our members, and because ‘strength is in numbers’, we will stick this out together as a family.

On behalf of the Senior Leadership team and all the coaching staff at AMFC, thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.