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Club Philosophy

Mission Statement

The Gulf Breeze Futbol Academy will provide a competitive soccer experience for the committed soccer player. We will strive for Total Player Development in an environment that fosters individual confidence along with team success. These goals will be achieved through hard work, sacrifice, dedication and the complete commitment to every level of player. Furthermore, we will support these goals by improving individual skills through well-structured practice sessions and playing games at the highest competitive age-appropriate level possible, increasing the tactical element of team play and by using soccer as a vehicle to promote fair play, self-confidence, and good citizenship. Our organization's success will be measured by how well we accomplish our objectives, not by win/loss records. We will abide by rules and regulations of the US Club, USYSA, and FIFA, as well as the leagues and tournaments in which our teams play.  

Playing Philosophy

The Gulf Breeze Futbol Academy believes in teaching our players to play an open, creative, attacking soccer, where players are encouraged to express themselves.  We will encourage our players to play a possession style of play with attacks built up from the back, exhibit good support players around the ball, look for quick combinations for fast attacking sequences, and allow our players to interchange roles/positions, as dictated by the game.  Aimless direct play and over-reliance on the physical play are discouraged. Defensively we will be organized, good one versus one and understand roles for team defending; high pressure, compact and able to shift as a unit to deny penetration from our opponents.

Our Club Curriculum

The Gulf Breeze Futbol Academy recognizes that an integrated, club-wide curriculum is the key for optimum player development.  There must be a line that connects U6 to U19, a line that everyone in the club understands and models. Without a standard curriculum, the player development process becomes disjointed, difficult to observe and assess, and skill gaps can occur with the players. A deficit in one stage of the development process will impair the attainment of more advanced skills at a later stage.

At Gulf Breeze Futbol Academy we will focus on developing skills that go beyond the mere concepts of attack and defense. We believe that it is just as important to develop problem-solving skills, effective communication skills, leadership skills, foster a positive self-image and spark an independent, inquisitive mind. This is accomplished by creating an integrated club-wide, age-specific curriculum that incorporates the Breakers Code: Skills, Speed, Sense, Stamina, and Spirit.

                                                    Our Curriculum Objectives

The Gulf Breeze Futbol Academy curriculum is based on the Building Block concept, where players are taught age and level specific skills in a progressive sequence. One of the key objectives of our curriculum is to provide a strong foundation with a logical step by step course of action that enables our players to achieve mastery of the ball and develop the tools and skills necessary to play at a high level. Skills for one group are utilized to build more advanced skills later in the continuum.

While soccer is a team game and we promote a possession-oriented style, the game itself is characterized by a succession of individual duels. Team success hinges on the ability of players to win their individual duels. Thus, the ultimate aim is to develop players who can dominate their opponents and win the majority of their individual battles. Players who can dominate their opponents are able to play at a higher level, in any system or formation, and are the type of players sought by top level coaches.


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