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Oct, 2019

KLL Board of Directors Elections

Once again it is time for Board of Directors elections at Kernersville Little League. If you have the time and desire to help KLL with our continued growth and improvement, we urge you to consider becoming a board member. The first step in this process is to fill out a board application (below) and return by Oct 18, 2019. Before you do, however, please read below to understand what is required to be a board member.

Application- kll board member application.docx

All Board members are required to have a current background check on file with the league president. This needs to be done each calendar year. No application will be considered without a current background check on file.


Once you have completed and returned your application, you will be added to the ballet. Voting will occur the week of Oct 22-26 in the boardroom. New applicants receiving a minimum of 10% of cast ballots will be admitted to the board as a probationary, non-voting member. During this period, non-voting members must demonstrate their commitment to the growth of Kernersville Little League.

Each board member is expected to perform the following:

-          Attend each regular monthly board meeting as well as any additionally called special board meetings (monthly meetings occur the first Wednesday of the month usually at 7pm)

-          Work their assigned field director duty during the spring and fall seasons.

-          Work concessions shifts during weekends in which the facility is being rented through the town.

-          Assist during All-Star tournaments hosted by KLL.

-          Participate in scheduled and nonscheduled work dates at KLL including field prep, facility clean up, field construction and other duties as requested by Field Maintenance Supervisor.

-          Participate on committees as assigned by League President

Once a probationary board member has demonstrated their commitment to KLL and has participated in the above, the membership committee will recommend that they be voted on as full voting board member. Likewise, the membership committee may also recommend that a full voting board member become a probationary, non-voting member or that any board member be removed from the board. Recommendations of the membership committee will be brought before the board, discussed and voted on.


If you are unable to devote the time required to become a board member, we would like to remind you that all regular monthly board meetings are open for anyone to attend. Kernersville Little League is a non-profit organization that receives no municipal support from the Town of Kernersville or Forsyth County. We are completely dependent on our volunteers.

Thank you for considering becoming a board member and for your support of Kernersville Little League.