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May, 2019

Please Read: Important Message from our VP



I have had a lot of questions about All-Star teams/evaluations. I want to explain how the rules were established and how they are implemented. 


The KLL Board establishes a Rules Committee. That committee met in March. They provided this information to the KLL Board. The KLL Board made some revisions then voted to approve this year’s rules. The members of the Rules Committee are: Bubba Smith, Alan Mosher, Jeremy Fields, Scott Clements and Bud Lambert. With that being said, here are the procedures we are taking to select All Star teams this season. 

We will have an All-Star evaluation on June 1st. We will separate into two groups. Group 1 will be 8, 9, and 10 year olds (8 year olds that played in the MP division this spring may come to evaluations). Group 2 will be 11 and 12 year olds. The All Star Committee consists of 5 people that do NOT have kids playing at KLL but all have played, coached and volunteered at KLL. They also have lot of baseball knowledge. Most are current coaches in older age groups. Some members of the All-Star Committee have been attending games throughout the season. The All-Star Committee is: Drew Dull, Scott Clements, Frankie Dull, Greg Lee and Stephen Gales.

This All-Star Committee will recommend the top 9 players for each All-Star age group. The KLL Board will vote for a manager, for each of the Divisions/Age Groups. Each manager will select the remaining 4 players to complete the roster. If a player does NOT attend evaluations, that player must be a Managers choice, in order to make the roster. Remember, managers are voted in by the committee and they only get 4 picks per team.  

Many parents have called or emailed the League. They have had several concerns, but there are 3 concerns that have been repeated several times. 


1.) Being told to not show up for evaluations. 

2.) Being told to wait until the last minute to sign up. 

3.) Being told EVERY age group will have a team, regardless of the amount of qualified players in that age bracket. 


I hope that as a League, we all understand that Little League baseball is an opportunity to teach children not only baseball, but sportsmanship, character and honesty. Sometimes competition can cloud that. So please don't spread information that can hinder a player.


The KLL Board will do our very best to ensure that we follow the rules; both Little League International rules and our local rules. We have around 350 kids in our League. The rules are there to ensure every one of those kids has an opportunity to compete in All-Stars if they so choose. 

To address the concerns of players being placed on a team above their age bracket: 


We will NOT take (8) 10 year olds and ask them to play 11U, or above. Nor will we take (8) 8 year olds and ask them to play 10U, or above. The point of All-Stars is to put the most competitive team on the field. This may include an 11 year old being selected to the 12U team or a 9 year old being selected to the 10U team. We will not field a team where the majority of the players are playing out of their age bracket. When a player is selected to a team in an older age bracket it will be because that player is good enough to play at the next level. 


ALL players signed up to play baseball at Kernersville Little League and this includes All-Stars. As Board members and volunteers, we signed up to help them have fun, develop them and teach them the game of baseball. We want our All Star teams to compete and succeed but it is hard to do so when we don’t let the process play out.


We ask any Managers that are interested in Coaching to sign up as soon as you can.  All Stars is an opportunity for the kids to compete against the best players in our district and the State. All Stars is an honor that is earned by the kids. 


We have had a great season and we appreciate all of our KLL kids and families. Thank you for your time.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me personally.

Bubba Smith, KLL Board VP

336 870 2228

[email protected]


As an additional note:


Part of competition in All Stars is verifying that you meet residency requirements. The easiest way to do this is by completing the School Enrollment Form. A copy of this form is in the boardroom beside the all star applications. This form needs to be taken to your child's school and signed by an administrator. This task becomes harder after the school year is over so it is best to have it signed now. It is not necessary to have form completed and turned in with your application but it makes the process easier. You may leave league information blank and we will fill in. 



All Star and TOC teams that we may enter, depending on number of sign ups include the below:

  Intermediate baseball (Ages 11-13)   Junior baseball (Ages14-15)    Minor baseball (Ages 8-10)           Major Baseball (Ages 10-12)

                              9U TOC- (Ages 7-9)                        8U TOC (Ages 6-8)                  7U TOC (Ages 5-7)