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Primary I (P1) - Grades PreK and K

P1 serves boys and girls grades PreK and K who are under six years old on October 1st.  P1 is an introductory division with rules very loosely enforced.  Fees for this division are $60 - payment plans are available.

Team Placement

There are no showcase tryouts in this division.  League officials attempt to split the players up by school, but numbers don't always allow the perfect player/team placement.  There are a maximum of 8 players per team.

Teammate requests are not guaranteed except in the case of siblings or relatives living under the same roof. Coach requests are also not guaranteed, though coaches are allowed to reserve two players including (not in addition to) their own child.

Games and Practices

Teams meet once a week for a practice/game combo, typically on Saturdays.  The meeting is about an hour long with the first 30 minutes being practice, and playing a game for the last 30 minutes.  There are about 10 of these practice/game combos per season.   There is typically one pre-season practice day in which a game is not played. Players are provided team t-shirts for games.

The pre-season practice day is usually mid to late November.  Games typically start in December and end mid to late February.  SWYBL does not have events when Warren County Schools are out, including Winter Break and inclement weather days.

All games and practices are held at either a Warren County Public School Gym or a Warren County Parks and Recreation Department approved facility - typically Phil Moore Park or Living Hope Baptist Church.

Division Specific Rules

To assist in the development of proper skills, the goal height for this division is 8' and the ball size is 28.5".  Coaches are allowed on the floor with the children during gameplay to assist with teaching and introducing basketball.

During games, players are paired up with opposing players of similar size and skill.  Each pair is given matching colored wristbands.  Every player must then only guard the player with the same colored wristband.

Players are allowed to score a maximum of twelve points per game.  Each player has a minimum playing time requirement of two full quarters, buzzer to buzzer.

Special Considerations

If you have an advanced 5 year old, you may consider enrolling in Primary II (P2). P2 is also an introductory division, but has a slight more emphasis on rule enforcement.

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P1 At a Glance

Ages:  4 and 5 years old
Typical Grades:  Pre-K and Kindergarten
Gender:  Co-Ed
Goal Height:  8'6"
Ball Size:  28.5"
Tryouts:  None
Draft Type:  League Assigned
Quarter Length:  6 minutes
Playing Time Requirement:  2 full quarters
Games Per Season:  Approximately 10
Post-Season Tournament:  No
Jersey Provided:  T-shirt only
Maximum Meetings Per Week:  1
Players Per Team:  Maximum 8
Season Start:  Mid to late November
Season End:  Mid to late February
Fees:  $60

Division Specific Rules:
- Games are practice/game combos
- Rules are very loosely enforced
- Coaches are allowed on floor during play
- Maximum of 12 points per game per player
- Players matched with colored wristbands.

Special Considerations:
- Older, more skilled, players may consider playing in P2

Current Commissioner
- Jerry Avery

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Board of Directors


President Gordon Turner
Vice President Damon Carter
Secretary Eric Wolfe
Treasurer Julie Huntsman

Division Commissioners

Primary I Jerry Avery
Primary II Robert Smith
Division I Shannon Harvey and Greg Linhardt
Division II Steven Guthrie
Division III Todd Oller
Division IV Damon Carter
Division V Bryan Clardy and Jeff Richardson