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Apr, 2016

Puma FC Community Cup

Puma Community Cup began 4 years ago. We have had three years of absolutely amazing weather and experiences at the Puma Community Cup. The team camaraderie and the fun involved has been a priceless experience for all the families at Puma FC. This has become a cherished tradition and one we will continue for years to come. This event is something that shows who we are as a club, the family values we represent, and our love for the game.

Unfortunately, this year we will need to immediately postpone this event due to weather related issues which have already occurred and which are forecasted for this weekend. This is always a risk with these types of tournaments and carnivals. The last thing we want is for kids and families to be put at risk with storms in the area. Our vendors will not be able to be a part of this event with storms pending, (DJ and electric rides, and bouncy houses). Lightning, storms, standing water, winds, rain and electricity do not mix well. The current field condition is unplayable and more rain is forecasted for this weekend. So although it is inconvenient for everyone, we are being forced to search for an alternative date. We do have a date in mind which we are investigating aggressively and will know next week whether it will work.

We had to make this decision at this time, so everyone could be made aware of its postponement. There are many extensions of people who also need to be notified. In addition, we wanted to allow families to make alternative plans for the weekend.

More information to come!

Rob W. Million
Puma FC