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St. Albert the Great and Ascension Athletics

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. –     Can I pay by check?

A. –     No, all fees must be paid via Master Card or Visa.

Q. –     Does St. Albert pay a fee to use the Blue Sombrero website platform?

A. –     No, there is no charge for St. Albert to use the Blue Sombrero website.  Dick’s Sporting Goods is the 
            sponsoring company for Blue Sombrero and they have extended this free offer indefinitely.  There is however a 
            small credit card processing fee that St. Albert’s is charged with. 

Q. –     Who do I contact if I have questions with the website?

A. –     All questions regarding registration and log-in should be directed toward the Web Administer: Brad Gross 937-765-3113 
or you can contract Blue Sombrero directly at 866-981-2583.

Additional Registration FAQ’s