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May, 2017

Code of Conduct Tunkhannock Youth Soccer Association

Code of Conduct for Tunkhannock Youth Soccer Association

Tunkhannock Youth Soccer is a recreational sports league for ages 5-13. We expect anyone who attends any function related to TYSA or any other NEPSAY league to behave with the utmost respect. Anyone who does not do so will be subject to the disciplinary actions put forth.

The Following actions are prohibited by all Players!

If the following actions are displayed, your child will be removed and unable to participate in all activities.

  • Abusive or Offensive language towards any player, coach, referee, or anyone attending.

  • Verbal, physical or visual harassment of any player, coach, referee or anyone attending.

  • Actual or threatened violence toward any individual or group.

  • Bullying of any type towards a player, coach, referee or anyone attending.

  • Failing to cooperate with coaches, referees, or other players.

  • Possession or use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs on practice/game fields.

  • Intentional or reckless damage to any property or field used by TYSA or NEPSAY.

  • Smoking on the grounds is prohibited!  This includes vapes!

  • Bringing any kind of weapon or anything that can be considered a weapon to the TYSA fields and any other NEPSAY fields.


  • There will be no yelling at the referees (they are volunteers and are doing their best)

  • Cheer for your children

  • There is no smoking at any TYSA field or other NEPSAY field. This includes Vapes!

  • No shouting at coaches

  • No weapons of any kind or anything that can be considered a weapon

  • Please be considerate of the other team at the field

  • Praise your children on the good things that happened during the game.


The kids look up to you. They want your feedback either positive or negative.  Please do it with dignity and respect! It is you who teaches them the right and wrong of the game.  Please do it to the best of your ability.

  • Be fair among the players

  • Each player needs to have as equal as possible playing time, with each player playing a minimum of half the game

  • Show each player their strengths and help them improve their weaknesses

  • Know the SAY Rules

  • Treat all referees with respect! They are kids learning the game as well!

  • Keep team moral up

  • Have your practices organized as much as possible

  • Teach good sportsmanship

  • Keep it fun

  • Welcome feedback from your players and parents

  • Stay positive

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