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AMFC Elite and Competitive Tier (Formerly known as Rec) Training schedule

Effective Monday 5/1
The club's new training schedule for May and the 1st two weeks in June is in the attached file listed under the May-June tab and will be posted on the Elite and Competitive Tier websites.

We will not be training on Monday 5/1 as we have had heavy rain since Friday and this is a field shared with another club in additon to all the AMFC players.

Regular AMFC training will resume on Wednesay May 3rd weather permitting.

In order to keep the field in a playable and safe condition we have to manage the use of the field after and during spring rain and this is the reason we are being overly cautious during this time with the scheduling of practices.

Extended rain (Monday thru Wednesday with an 80 to 90% chance of rain on each day) is in the forecast added to the rain we had this weekend and the training options might be limited for the week. We will make every effort to update all families regarding the cancellation of the sessions or the possible use of the St. Paul's gym. This will occur via the email system available to us on the club's two website, so please be on the lookout for this infromation.

Training Schedule:
amfc spring23 .xlsx

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