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Raffle Member Letter

Dear Members,

In order to continue our mission, and provide better value to our entire membership, it is imperative that Lafayette Youth Soccer Association/Cajun Rush continues to create funding sources to support our current objectives.  We recognize the importance of cultivating these funding sources, and more importantly, the benefit to the entire membership of expanding our revenues.  Through the direction of the Executive Board of Directors, our organization has worked to establish several new funding sources over the last few years.  These revenues will continue to help fund our Facility Improvement Plan, as well as other long-term priorities, to create a better experience for all of the membership.  These improvements will ensure maximum field time for our players while positioning Cajun Rush at the forefront of soccer in Louisiana. Funding sources created include 1) applying for grants, 2) hosting a premier Louisiana high school tournament, and 3) holding an annual raffle and are all in addition to continued sponsorship searches to partner with community businesses.  We are currently updating our Facility Improvement Plan, but the progress we have made is in large part due to our memberships hard work.

The current Facility Improvement Plan consists of (4) stages:

I.       New LYSA/Cajun Rush office building and the addition of Fields 25, 26, & 27 (in conjunction with Lafayette Consolidated Government):

II.      Perimeter Fencing and stadium seating PHASE TWO IS COMPLETE

III.     Parking infrastructure improvements PHASE THREE IS COMPLETE

IV.     Enhanced/New field lighting PHASE FOUR IS COMPLETE

V.      Drainage, and Irrigation on Fields 1-9

The ultimate goal of the Facility Improvement Plan is to create the finest soccer venue in the state, thus providing an outstanding training and game environment for our players, families, and guests.  These enhancements will not only provide better playing surfaces for training and games, but also allow play on a more regular basis at night and after rain.

As previously mentioned, one of our major fundraising events is the annual raffle!  

This year we will be raffling (5) prizes including -- 1st Place: $2,500 cash, 2nd Place: Up to $800 in Cajun Rush dues for a member or $800 cash for a non-member, 3rd Place: Yeti Package (valued at $500), 4th Place: $250 Third Coast Soccer Gift Card, and  5th Place: $150 gift card assortment.  There will also be an early bird drawing on March 25th for an RTIC Cooler.  The early bird winner will have their ticket put back into the pot for the final drawing and is still eligible to win another prize.

Tickets will go on sale immediately with the prize drawing to be held Friday, May 28, 2021 at the Cajun Rush office.  You may view the Raffle FAQs for general information on the raffle.  Please take time to look through the information.  We are asking each member of our competitive teams to sell 10 raffle tickets at $5.00 per ticket.

Thanks in advance for your participation!  This year has been very difficult for most of us and the youth sports landscape is no different.  We appreciate your help with our raffle this year more than ever.  Please know that your support of the raffle will have a positive impact on you, your family, and all of the kids in our organization.  Feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Michael Ritch
Executive Director
Lafayette Youth Soccer Association
Cajun Rush

Raffle FAQ's

2021 Raffle FAQs

1. How many tickets will I be expected to sell? How much do tickets cost? We expect each competitive member to sell 10 raffle tickets. Ticket price is $5.

2. Will there be any individual/team incentives for selling raffle tickets? The incentive for selling raffle tickets is two-fold: 1) to help Cajun Rush achieve its goal of funding its Facilities Improvement Plan, and 2) to have a chance to win one of our great raffle prizes! While families are encouraged to sell as many raffle tickets as possible, Cajun Rush will not be able to offer any money back to families due to charitable gaming laws.

3. Where do I pick up my tickets? Your team manager will have a packet with an envelope for each player. 

4. When are my tickets due? All competitive member tickets given out in packets are due May 25th. This means we need your ticket stubs, and cash/checks for the 10 raffle tickets by May 25th. We will continue to sell tickets until 3pm on May 28th, so if you want to purchase or sell over your 10 tickets you will be able to up until this time and date.

5. I have sold my tickets ahead of schedule. How do I turn in my tickets, money, or stubs? Please turn your ticket stubs and cash/check into your team manager or the Cajun Rush office as soon as you have sold your tickets.

6. Where can I get more tickets? You can request more tickets through your manager or you can pick up extra tickets at the Cajun Rush office. All tickets must be checked off our master list at the office.

7. I have multiple kids in the club. How many tickets will I be required to sell? Families with multiple kids will only be expected to sell 20 tickets. If you have 3 or more players in the club, you are only expected to sell 20 tickets.

8. If I win the early bird drawing am I excluded from the final drawing?  Absolutely not.  Whoever wins the early bird drawing will have their ticket placed back in the pot for the main drawing in May and is still eligible to win another prize .

9. What happens if I can’t sell the tickets? Our expectation is that each competitive member will sell 10 tickets. We ask that you make every effort to do so. With the price point of tickets and the set up as a club fundraiser, members should be able to sell 10 tickets. After your attempts, if you absolutely can’t sell the tickets, we ask that you return the tickets to the Cajun Rush office so the club can attempt to sell those tickets.  We must be able to account for all tickets sold or unsold per gaming laws.

10. What happens if I lose my raffle tickets? Players are responsible for their tickets; if they lose them they are responsible for their purchase.


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