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Player Development Model

Player Development Model

Developmental Philosophy      |        Cajun Rush will provide opportunities for each individual player to play at a level that is commensurate with their abilities and provide more challenging environments for players as they improve and are capable.  It is the role of the Cajun Rush Board of Directors, Directors of Coaching, and all staff coaches to do what is in the best interest of each individual player.  With the understanding that soccer is a long-term developmental sport the club, thus the team, is there to serve the player’s ambition, not the other way around.  Winning shall be viewed as a positive byproduct of development, not the goal.  Team building and working towards team goals will not be viewed as unimportant; rather, these concepts do not involve sacrificing a player’s development and goals in order to win.  The Cajun Rush developmental process seeks to develop players proficient in the following areas:

•  Technique      •  Intelligence    •  Personality    •  Speed

Cajun Rush Play Up Policy (Coming soon)


Style of Play     |           All teams and players are encouraged to play an imaginative, attacking brand of soccer complimented with the understanding and ability to be organized when defending.

Opportunity      |           Elite players are identified and given the opportunity to train with older players based on their ability and not simply their age throughout each season. 

Early Development       |           The purpose of our Early Development Initiative is to provide a safe, fun environment for players to learn.  The Early Development Initiative is divided into three (3) levels of development each with specific targeted learning outcomes: Just Skillz, Cajun Rush Bantam Jrs, and the Cajun Rush Bantams.  Some of our best coaches are assigned to the Early Development Initiative due to the importance of development at this early age and the role in setting the foundation for all future developmental opportunities.

Player Development Phases

  1. Foundational Stage:
    • Stage One: Just Skillz Training 7U-8U         |           A focus on FUN, Technical Skill Development, Balance and Coordination, Ball Mastery, and Problem Solving.
    • Stage Two: Cajun Rush Bantam Juniors 9U      |           A focus of the individual player.  Ball mastery and the introduction into small-sided tactical instruction.  Imagination and creativity in problem solving.
    • Stage Three: Cajun Rush Bantams 10U           |           Advanced youth training and match play.  Ball mastery and an increased focus on developing players within the context of a team.  Long-term development of the age group.


  1. Transitional Stage - Ages 10-13                   

Increased technical training with a focus on technical speed, introduce competitive mentality (how to train), basic tactical awareness, a team mentality, player responsibility.

  1. Competitive Stage - Ages 14-16

             Master techniques, introduce strength training, advanced team tactics, understand individual roles, and player accountability.

  1. Advanced Stage - Ages 17-18

Physical maturity, tactically astute, life decisions, college preparation, advanced levels of play.


1  US Soccer defines four (4) types of speed that soccer players need to possess and develop:

  • Pure Speed - the ability to overcome the distance between two points in the shortest amount of time.
  • Technical Speed - the ability to control and manipulate the ball with the body, legs, or feet at speed.
  • Tactical Speed/Speed of Action - processing information from the game and choosing an appropriate response to the situation quickly.
  • Mental Speed - ability of the player to be aware of all factors, conditions, and options inside and outside of the game (opponents, teammates, crowd, etc.)


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