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Player Development Program (PDP) - FAQ

What is it?

PDP is a player centered development program. The principal focus is to build a solid foundation of physical, tactical and technical skills through quality training and coaching. Participants in PDP have a passion for playing and a desire to improve their skills and knowledge of the game.

How is this different from Recreation Soccer?

The primary difference is the consistency and quality of instruction that is provided throughout the program. Highly qualified coaches from the Select program will be delivering training. These are skilled instructors from the ranks of High School and College who have years of experience in the game. 

Can we still play Recreation Soccer?

The commitment to PDP will make it difficult to participate in the Rec program. PDP follows its own training curriculum and competition schedule that will overlap with Rec. Players will not be able to participate in both.

Who do we play against and how far will we need to travel?

Players in PDP will compete against other PDP programs from within Delaware. There will also be an opportunity to compete in tournaments and festivals throughout the year. The travel demands could be as far as New Castle county and far south as Salisbury, MD. 

What is the level of commitment?

The PDP is a seven-week commitment and will be offered in the fall. Training will be once a week during the regular season unless there is a competition scheduled for that weekend. PDP players are strongly encouraged to attend every practice and participate in every competition. 

Is there a try out?

No currently there is no tryout for PDP; however, because of the focus on quality training spaces may become limited. The club will make every effort to accommodate any players that are interested and serious about participating.

How much does it cost?

The total cost for the program is $160. This includes program fees, coaching fees and training uniform. 

Who can participate?

PDP will span across two years. The initial birth years are 2009 & 2010. The following year players in birth year 2009 will graduate and either decide to return to Recreation or tryout for Select. Players of birth year 2010 would then be eligible to participate in Fall 2018.

Does participation in PDP guarantee a placement in the Select program?

The PDP focus is on development through quality training. It does not secure any players position within Select. Each player will be required to participate in open tryouts in the spring to secure a spot in the Select program. It is our hope that players from PDP will have learned the skills and gained the understanding to transition smoothly to the next level.  

For more information about the Player Development Program please contact: 

Patrick Kilby.
Phone: 302-331-6412 

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