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Joga Bonito Soccer Club

About Our Club

At Joga Bonito Soccer Club, we do things differently. We develop creative, technically proficient, and fiercely competitive soccer players who take chances and who create opportunities rather than play it safe. Focusing on the fundamentals (Hard Skills) and 14 World Class Soccer Skills, our proven training method builds confidence and creativity that stays with our players both on and off the field. Admittedly, Playing Beautifully is a change in tactic that can take some getting used to for some parents. Our emphasis is not on winning games, and even though our teams do win, we require our players to use technical perfection, play with a creative purpose, and use foot skills to generate space, all of which creates new br The Portuguese slogan “Play Beautiful” was heard often in the early 2000s, when Nike & Eric Cantona, and other exceptional internationa...
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Jun 02,2014

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Apr 14,2014

How to register for Tryouts!

How to register for tryouts- first click registration, create an account if necessary,  then add the appropriate tryout product, and checkout. You will not be charged anything for tryouts. Questions? email  [email protected]

Field Status

Open Open

ONeill Middle School (02:11 PM | 05/13/14)

Open Open

Indian Boundry YMCA 59th & Fairmont St Downers Grove (03:59 PM | 03/29/16)

Open Open

YMCA (04:28 PM | 02/08/17)

Open Open

11 v 11 (04:28 PM | 02/08/17)

Open Open

9 v 9 (04:28 PM | 02/08/17)

Open Open

7 v 7 (04:28 PM | 02/08/17)

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