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Uniform Jersey Numbers


With new uniforms, all players will need a new jersey number. There will not be any duplicates within a birth year (by gender), so please encourage your child to widen his/her choices. Our new policy is as follows: 

Peoria FC United Jersey Number Policy 

This policy has been adopted to ensure a fair and systematic process for providing player numbers. In addition, since players may move from one team to another, or guest play with other teams, the club has adopted this policy to reduce duplicate numbers where possible.  

1. Players will have the opportunity to choose a preferred number by selecting up to 3 choices. 

2. Players may pick any number, excluding the following: 0, 1, 69, and 00; any number preceded by 0 (e.g. 07); and 3-digit numbers. Dedicated goalkeepers may choose 0, 1, 00, or any other number which is not excluded. Any goalkeeper who also plays in the field must have a field player number (i.e. not 0, 1, 00). 

3. Duplicate numbers will not be assigned within a specific birth year. The club will do its best to avoid duplicate numbers for guest players.  

4. Players returning to their team from the prior year will have the option to retain their number before new player numbers are assigned.

5. Numbering will be specific to gender. 

6. If a player’s 1st choice is not available, the club will assign the 2nd choice, or if necessary, the 3rd choice.  

7. The club will try to secure the player a jersey number of their choosing; However, in situations where all three numbers are not available, the club reserves the right to select an available number. 

8. No special consideration will be offered for past number assignments from other clubs, including the former FC Peoria and Peoria Soccer Clubs.  

9. To promote equality during the selection process, no multi-child nor shared family numbers will be considered.  

10. No player nor family member may coerce another nor offer any financial reimbursement for the trading of numbers. Any player or family found to be in violation may be expelled from the club. 

11. Any players/families wishing to trade numbers after assignment must apply in writing within 3 business days to the Director of Administration. All decisions are final. 

12. To select numbers, the club may use the following criteria: age of player, timeliness of response, years played with the club(s), account status, and utilization as a guest player. 


Each player’s choices for jersey numbers will be recorded at the uniform try-on sessions, or you may send them to [email protected] with the following information: 

Player name 
Birth year 
Team year (if different) 
Email address for questions 
3 choices for jersey number, in order of preference 

The player’s jersey number will be listed on his/her page when you order uniforms. 

**FOR HIGH SCHOOL BOYS, you may keep your number from last year. Please list it as your first choice.

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