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2019 Regatta Results

Atlanta Erg Sprints1st Place: Womens 30-39
1st Place: Open Women
2nd Place: Mens 1000m Dash
3rd Place: Mens 30-39
5th Place: Mens 30-39
1st Place: Youth Girls 14
1st Place: Youth Girls 15
1st Place: Youth Boys 17
1st Place: Coxswain Girls
1st Place: Masters Mens (40-49)
1st Place: Masters Mens (50-59)
1st Place: Masters Womens (60-69)
1st Place: Masters Mens (70-79)
1st Place: Open Womens Relay
1st Place: Open Mixed Relay
2nd Place: Youth Boys 14
2nd Place: Youth Girls 15
2nd Place: Youth Girls 17
2nd Place: Coxswain Girls
2nd Place: Masters Mens (60-69)
2nd Place: Open Womens Relay
3rd Place: Youth Girls 14
3rd Place: Youth Girls 15
3rd Place: Masters Womens (40-49)
3rd Place: Masters Mens (50-59)
3rd Place: Masters Mens (60-69)
3rd Place: Open Womens 500m
3rd Place: Open Womens Relay
4th Place: Open Womens Relay
5th Place: Masters Mens (60-69)
5th Place: Open Womens Relay
8th Place: Youth Girls 16
Clemson Sprints Collegiate & Masters
1st Place: Womens Masters 1x
1st Place: Mens Open 1x
1st Place: Womens Masters 2x
1st Place: Womens Open 1x
1st Place: Mens Masters 1x
1st Place: Mixed Open 2x
1st Place: Mixed Masters 4+
2nd Place: Womens Masters 1x
3rd Place: Mens Masters 4+
3rd Place: Mens Masters 1x
3rd Place: Mixed Masters 8+
5th Place: Mens Masters 1x
Clemson Sprints Youth
2nd Place: Mens Youth 2x (Heat 1)
3rd Place: Womens U17 8+ (Heat 1)
4th Place: Womens Youth 4+ (Heat 3)
4th Place: Mens Youth 2x (Final)
5th Place: Womens Youth 8+ (Heat 2)
6th Place: Mens Youth 4+ (Heat 2)
7th Place: Womens Youth 4+ (Heat 1)
7th Place: Womens U17 8+ (Final)
North Carolina Youth Rowing Championships
1st Place: Boys 1x
1st Place: Boys Novice 4+
1st Place: Girls 2x
2nd Place: Girls Novice 4+
2nd Place: Girls Lightweight 4+
3rd Place: Boys 4+
3rd Place: Girls 2x
3rd Place: Girls Novice 8+
5th Place: Girls 4+
North Carolina Masters State Championships
2nd Place: Master Mens 2x
3rd Place: Masters Mens 4+
5th Place: Master Mens 1x > 60
Dogwood Junior Championship
2nd Place: Mens Jr 1x (Semifinal 2)
2nd Place: Mens Jr 2x (Semifinal 2)
3rd Place: Mens Jr 1x (Final A)
3rd Place: Mens Jr 2x (Final A)
4th Place: Womens Jr 1x (Heat B)
5th Place: Womens Jr 1x (Final)
6th Place: Mens Jr 1x (Time Trial)
6th Place: Womens Jr 4+ (Semifinal 2)
18th Place: Womens Jr 4+ (Time Trial 2)
19th Place: Womens Jr 8+ (Time Trial)
20th Place: Womens Jr 4+ (Time Trial)
23rd Place: Mens Jr 4+ (Time Trial)
USRowing Southeast Youth Championships 
2nd Place: Mens Youth 1x (Final A)
5th Place: Mens Youth 1x (Time Trial)
13th Place: Womens Youth Lightweight 4+ (Time Trial)
13th Place: Mens Youth 4+ (Time Trial)
16th Place: Womens Youth 4+ (Time Trial)
16th Place: Womens U17 4+ (Time Trial)
Dogwood Masters Classic 
1st Place: Mens 1x (AA-C)
2nd Place: Womens 2x (AA-C)
3rd Place: Womens 1x (AA-C)
3rd Place: Mixed 2x (D)
3rd Place: Mens 2x (D-J)
3rd Place: Mixed 4+ (AA-J)
3rd Place: Mixed 4x (D-J)
4th Place: Mens 1x (F)
4th Place: Womens 4+ (D-J)
4th Place: Mixed 4x (AA-C)
5th Place: Mens 2x (D-J)
6th Place: Womens 1x (D-J)
7th Place: Mens 4+ (AA-J)
USRowing Southeast Masters Regional Championships
1st Place: Womens Masters 4x (A-B)
2nd Place: Mixed Masters 4x (A-B)
3rd Place: Mens Open 1x (Heat 1)
3rd Place: Womens Open 1x
3rd Place: Mens Masters 2x (E)
4th Place: Womens Masters 8+ (D)
4th Place: Mens Masters 2x (F)
4th Place: Mixed Masters 2x (C)
4th Place: Mixed Masters 2x (D)
5th Place: Womens Masters 4+ (E-F)
5th Place: Mens Masters 1x (D)
5th Place: Mens Masters 1x (G)
5th Place: Mens Masters 4+ (D-E)
5th Place: Mixed Masters 8+ (E)
6th Place: Womens Masters 1x (AA-A)
USRowing Masters National Championships
 CHaOS Challenge 
Secret City Head Race 
Head of the Hooch 
Head of the South 
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