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EXTRA Referees Key Responsibilities
Regional Extra Referee schedulers shall assign “neutral” referees of appropriate badge level as outlined in the EXTRA program guidelines. Regions failing to provide appropriate and qualified referees will not be allowed to participate in the EXTRA program the following year.

Before the Game:
1. Arrive 30 minutes before game time, check the field for safety, etc.
2. Check A/Rs referee uniform attire.
3. Team Check-in:
  • ID Cards are kept by the coach
  • Check Player ID Cards against game cards
  • Coach and Asst Coach must be wearing Coach ID
  • Check the player registration forms.
The Game:
1. Record all Cautions and Ejections.
2. Report all incidents and/or ejections within 12 hours, using link above
3. If Coach or Asst Coach is sent off, the game is terminated.
  • Coach is responsible for spectators on their touchline.
4. No heading in division 12U and under.
Post Game:
1. Supervise handshakes between teams
2. Remind both team coaches to take a picture of the game cards.
3. The home region will keep game cards for safekeeping.

Regions must provide a Regional Referee Scheduler and an adequate number of referees who are capable of supporting the various gender/age brackets of teams participating in this program. The hosting Regions are responsible for providing referee coverage for all games played on their fields. Regional Commissioners are to attest to compliance with Area concurrence. The Circuit Referee Administrator will monitor such compliance, with the help of Regional Referee Administrators.

Referees participating in the EXTRA Program should (strongly encouraged) have the following training to referee a specific division:
a. 9U    - Regional Badge and minimum of two years of officiating
b. 10U  - Regional Badge and minimum of two years of officiating and Intermediate course
c. 11U/12U - Intermediate and Advanced
d. 13U/14U - Advanced and National 
e. Youth Referees shall be a minimum of two years older than the oldest players in the gender/age bracket to which they have been assigned      with appropriate badge level.

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