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Safety Manual

You will need Adobe PDF Reader to download and print out the 2018 Safety ASAP Plan. This plan must be reviewed by managers and coaches, parents too, so that we are all informed on what must be done to follow protocol and maintain the highest standards for safety for ALL Tri-Cities Little League players.

If you have questions please contact: [email protected]

ASAP Safety Manual:  Safety manual TCLL 2021.pdf

Injury Report Link:


Near Miss Link (for coaches only):

COVID Waiver
TCLL Covid-19-waiver-doc.docx

Youth Sports Guidelings- Covid:

 youth sports guidelines- covid.pdf


Covid-19 Safety Checklist

COVID-19 Safety Protocols:  safety guidelines checklist 2021.docx

Safety Guidelines checklist:

Tri-Cities Little League has worked really hard to ensure that we can make this season happen but we need everyone to get on board and follow the following guidelines to ensure that we can have a successful 2021 season.  If you have any questions about any of the guidelines, feel free to reach out to:

Jenn Merritt – Safety Officer

Cell: 630-945-7296

These best practices have been compiled from resources and direct guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), The Aspen Institute, among others.

**One of the most important aspects to make this work is communication.  Please speak with the families of your team and encourage open dialog especially when their child/player, or even coaches/managers/spectators are not feeling well.  We need to know if someone is not feeling well and take all precautions.  If this means you will be shorthanded for the game, the game can be rescheduled as the health and well being of everyone comes first!!


Game Prep:

1.      Make sure that you have two game balls for each game (whether home or away).  Your game ball will be used when your team in playing defense.  When the inning is over, your game ball will be returned to your dugout and sprayed down with sanitizer.  A rag and spray sanitizer will be included in your First Aid Kit.

2.      Ensure that practice balls are kept separate from the game balls

3.      Warm-up/Practice should be limited to only managers/coaches

4.      Teams cannot arrive to the field any sooner than 30 minutes prior to game start as games will be spaced out to allow for everyone to leave the field prior to the next team arriving

5.      Designate locations for players to hang their gear practicing social distancing.  Bags will be hung up outside of the dugout space and along the fence line.



1.      Ask all parents to provide sanitizer for their player to be kept in the bag.

2.      A spray sanitizer will be provided for all managers.  This solution is 80% alcohol with no additives as to not leave a film on the balls or equipment.  Keep in mind that this solution is highly flammable.  Do not leave in your vehicle.

3.      Since there will be a lot of sanitizer solutions on various fields, please be on the look out for smokers and enforce that they go to the parking lots while smoking

4.      The manager’s bottle is to be used to spray down the balls in between innings and if the catcher equipment must be shared, that it is sprayed down before being used by a new catcher.  Mist the catcher’s mask lightly and give plenty of time for it to ‘air’ out before next use.

5.      Once the game is over and the managers has returned home, mist all equipment, practice balls and game balls.

6.      A larger spray bottle will be kept at each field to spray the benches down before and after the game

7.      Refills for the manager’s bottles – go to the concessions area at Randall Oaks and ask for a refill.

8.      At the end of the season, all bottles need to be returned as this is an added and unexpected cost to the league.  These bottles will likely be used the following spring.


Face Coverings:

1.      Everyone should wear a cloth face covering when they go out in public.

2.      All managers/coaches should wear PPE whenever applicable such as in the dugout area.

3.      Players should wear face coverings when in close contact areas such as the dugout area.

4.      If a player chooses to wear a face covering while on the field, it is allowed.  (Promote a team sense of respect as those players should not be criticized for this choice).

5.      Managers/coaches should respect the guidelines/rules that are in place for other leagues/fields without criticism.  Always have face covering on hand no matter where you are located.


Game Time:

1.      There will be no home plate managers meeting unless social distancing can be observed.

2.      There will be no handshakes upon conclusion of the game nor high-fives during.  Upon conclusion of the game, players will line up on the baselines and tip caps to each other.  A positive ‘Thank you’ chat is encouraged.

3.      All drinks should be brought by each individual – no sharing.

4.      All snacks should be brought by each individual – no sharing.

5.      Absolutely NO: sunflower seeds, bubble gum or spitting of any kind allowed. (Managers/Coaches included)



1.      Players should have their own individual batter’s helmet, glove, bat, and catcher’s equipment.  No sharing of equipment is allowed. (Exception is catcher’s gear but will need to be sanitized prior to a new player using it.  It is encouraged that parents purchase their own gear)

2.      If a player needs equipment – please contact the league as the league can ‘sign-out’ some equipment.

3.      Encourage parents to wipe/sanitize equipment in between games.



1.      Be aware that umpires do have the option to stand behind the pitcher (this is allowed and should not be criticized).

2.      Be aware that umpires have the option to wear a face covering (this is allowed and should not be criticized).



1.      As always, it is the manager’s responsibility to control their team’s spectators.

2.      Due to Phase 4 restrictions, we need to practice social distancing.  Since the players will be spreading outside of the dugout space, direct spectators to sit further back or down the fence lines as to not encroach on the players space.

3.      Notify your families that they should plan on bringing their own seating as some locations are removing bleachers.  This minimizes the cleaning surfaces and allows to space out the spectators.


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