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New Program Structure

Biggest Changes: 

What was previously known as our "Challenge Program" has now been restructured in two ways:  

  • The former 11U/12U Challenge Program now falls under the HFC Academy umbrella.
  • The former 13U/14U Challenge Program is now known as the "HFC Intermediate Program" and now extends into the 15U age group. 
The purpose of these changes is to streamline and simplify our programming options in a way that makes it easy for everyone to understand. This will hopefully allow all players to find the right path that works for them. 

Player Pathway Options

Below you will find a graphic that illustrates how this new programming flows depending on what your ultimate goals are as a soccer player. Which pathway is right for you?

Programs at a Glance

(Developmental Level)
(Per Week)
Coaching Staff Season Club Fee *
ABYSA Recreation
1 practice
1 game
Volunteer Fall &/or Spring
(optional single season)
$93-103 (includes uniform)
$71-81 (without uniform)
HFC Pre-Academy 
(Pre-Academy Development)
1 practice
(in addition to Rec)
Paid Fall &/or Spring
(optional single season)
(in addition to Rec fees)
HFC Academy
(Pre-Classic Development)
2 practices
1 in-house game
1-2 festivals
Paid Fall & Spring $857 (includes uniform)
$770 (without uniform)
HFC Competitive (Classic) 
(Competitive Development)
3 practices
1 game
1-3 tournaments
Paid Fall & Spring $670 - $1,340 **
(15U-19U; 15U-10U)
HFC Intermediate Program
2 practices
1 in-house game
Paid Fall (Girls) &
Spring (Boys)
$787 (includes uniform)
$700 (without uniform)

*Based on Annual Club Fee 
**Varies dependent upon Age Group

2018-2019 Age Group Chart

Age Group (Birth Year) Rec Pre-Academy Academy Competitive (Classic) Intermediate Program
4U (2015)
5U (2014)
6U (2013) x
7U (2012) xx
8U (2011) xx
9U (2010) x x
10U (2009) xx x x
11U (2008) x x x
12U (2007) x x x
13U (2006) x x x
14U (2005) x x
15U (2004) x x
16U (2003) x
17U (2002) x
18U (2001) x
19U (2000) x

Helpful Links

ABYSA Recreation

The Recreation Player Pathway is designed/ideal  for players looking for a fun and non-competitive environment. The Recreation Player Pathway utilizes volunteer coaches and is available for the 4U-19U age groups. 

Recreation Program/Contact Info

HFC Academy

The Academy program is designed to help 9U - 12U players improve their technical soccer skills which they will need to play at a higher level, as well as their love for the game. Our dedicated coaching staff follows a curriculum that provides players with high quality instruction and age appropriate activities which creates a fun learning environment. The majority of the players that enter the Academy during their 9U and 10U years move on to play competitive (classic) soccer once they graduate the Academy program. Those who aren't quite ready for the competitive level will enter our 11U and 12U academy program. 

9U/10U Academy Program/Contact Info

11U/12U Academy Program/Contact Info

HFC Competitive (Classic)

The Competitive Player Pathway is designed/ideal for the player looking to play in the most challenging environment offered within the organization. Players on this pathway are typically looking to play at the higher levels as they get older (high school, college, professional). The Competitive level utilizes the best coaching resources within WNC and is available for the 10U-19U age groups.

Competitive Program/Contact Info

HFC Intermediate Program (Formerly "Challenge")

The goal of the HFC Intermediate Program is to provide players an opportunity to develop the individual skills in both the technical and tactical aspects of the game. This program is for those who aren't quite ready yet for Classic soccer.

HFC Intermediate Program/Contact Info

Contact Us:

Asheville Buncombe Youth Soccer Association, Inc.

ABYSA/HFC PO Box 895 Asheville NC 28802-0895 

[email protected]

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