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SYC Little League News Update (1/28/2019)

Hello SYC Baseball Community,

This email contains information about 2019 Little League player evaluations so please read it carefully.

Our goal in SYC Little League is to have balanced teams in each division to ensure parity.  To accomplish this goal we have a very thorough evaluation and team-selection process.  This gives us the best opportunity to balance teams in each division so that each one can be competitive, the games can be exciting to play and watch, and the players have a chance to experience both wins and losses.
That said, not all players need to be evaluated in person (we will be relying on coaches evals from the 2018 Spring and Fall baseball seasons).  Players should only attend evaluations under one of the following circumstances:
1. They didn't play SYC Baseball in 2018.
2. They played T-Ball in Spring 2018 and are moving up to Hybrid Coach/Player Pitch this Spring.
3. They are requesting to play at a level above their age (i.e. a player is league-age 8 and would like to play up to 9-11 kid pitch).
4. They are a Majors-age (11-12) player and are not returning to a Legacy team (Some players returning at the Majors level may remain with their 2018 team for the 2019 season.  If they choose not to remain with their team, they will need to be evaluated and will be re-drafted to another Majors team).

If you are unsure if your player needs to come in for an evaluation, please contact us to clarify.

Below is the evaluation schedule - please choose whichever date and time work for your schedule (you only need to attend ONE session).

Monday, Feb 4
6-7pm Hybrid Coach/Player-Pitch Minors (7-8)
7-8pm Player-Pitch Minors (9-11)
8-9pm Majors (11-12) 

Sunday, Feb 10
2-3pm Hybrid Coach/Player-Pitch Minors (7-8)
3-4pm Player-Pitch Minors (9-11)  
4-5pm Majors (11-12)  

The location for evaluations is the Windy Hill Building:
1020 Windy Hill Rd, New Freedom, PA 17349

Additional details:
- There are no evaluations needed at the T-Ball level.
- All players should bring a glove, athletic cup, and wear sneakers (no cleats).
- Players may bring their own bat and helmet, but we will have some available for those who need.
- Players seeking an opportunity to "play up" should be evaluated at the higher level (Example: a 10-year-old trying out for Majors should come to a Majors evaluation).  Please keep in mind that while players are able to try out for the next level, there is no guarantee that the request will be granted.  Many factors go into the decision, including the abilities of the player and team sizes at each level.
- Majors (11-12) is our most competitive level of play for the Spring season and we field only a small number of teams.  All 12-year-olds are guaranteed a spot at this level as a Little League requirement, but 10- and 11-year-old players must prove their abilities to be named to a team.  If not chosen for a Majors team, those players will be selected to a Player-Pitch Minors team.  If you have a 12-year-old that you feel would be more successful playing in the Minors division, please reach out and we would be happy to discuss with you.
- In the event of inclement weather that will impact evaluations, we will email as soon as possible to communicate the cancellation and provide a make-up date.
- Players evaluations are conducted by experienced managers and coaches who are NOT coaching in your player's division (e.g., a Player-pitch minors manager/coach will NOT evaluate players in the PPM division)
- Teams will be announced in late February for Majors and Minors, and by mid-March for T-Ball.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.  We're looking forward to a fun and rewarding 2019 Little League season!


Mike Enslen - SYC Player Agent (Majors, Hybrid, TBall)
[email protected]

Steve Lanigan - SYC Information Officer/Player Agent (Player-Pitch Minors)
[email protected]


Game Schedules and Team Standings

For 2018 Spring SYC Little League game schedule and standings
(after clicking the links below, select the TEAM: drop down box to filter the schedule based on your team):


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Hybrid Coach Pitch Standings

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League Schedule

2019 League Schedule (Spring) 

December 26:
   SYC Baseball Spring early registration opens (receive a $5 discount on your division fee)

January 1:         
   SYC Baseball Spring Registration continues at regular price (no price increase for 2019) 

January 31:      
   Little League program registration closes

February 1:       
   Little League program late registration ($25 late fee)

February 4:       
   Little League player evaluation Session 1

February 9:       
   Little League Registration CLOSES (no additional registrations at hybrid through Intermediate after this date; t-ball and Challenger Divisions may have additional registration opportunities).

February 10:     
   Little League player evaluation Session 2

March 2:           
   Little League practices begin on, or around, 3/2 at the Windy Hill Building

March 16:         
   Field maintenance day (weather depending)

March 31:         
   13-16 registration closes

April 6:             
    OPENING DAY for Little League Divisions

May 5:              
    Bull Roast (New Freedom Community Center)