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Men's Open League

Is for players age 17 and older or senior in high school who are looking to come out, meet new people and have a great time playing soccer. Games are played at a fast competitive level.

Players can come in as an individual or bring in their own team.  The season runs for 8 weeks with the top 4 teams advancing to the playoffs.

We offer 2 divisions of play ( A & B) with A being most competitive. Depending on the number of teams playing Creekside may combine the leagues.Teams may request a division preference but Creekside reserves the right to assign divisions.

Team Cost $700.00

  • All players must complete the 2023 Facility Waiver.
  • Players can only play on 1 team in the division
  • Plays 6v6 (5+Keeper)
  • $100.00 minimum deposit to register team
  • All players must wear matching jerseys with permanent numbers.
  • No tank tops, halter tops or sleeveless jersey allowed.
  • 50% or more of team fee due before the start of first game
  • Balance of team fee due before start of second game
  • Rosters are frozen by the 3rd game. All rostered players must have signed roster, have current waiver, photo, and id checked by the 3rd game to avoid being removed from roster.
  • Game cards must be signed prior to the start of the game.
  • Any player who is not on the roster and played a game is considered an illegal player and the team will forfeit the game.

There is absolutely no sliding with exception to the goalkeeper and that is only within their penalty area. Sliding of any sort or leaving your feet will result in a minimum Blue card and 2 minute penalty or if dangerous a straight red. Officials and Creekside staff employees are happy to answer questions or clarify rules for a better understanding of the rules and the game. 

Cards in indoor are a part of the game. A Blue card is a minor consequence, while a yellow and a red become much more serious. Any player receiving a Red card, is automatically suspended for the team’s next match and must leave the facility immediately. Each Red card will be reviewed and additional games or sanctions may be given after a full review by Creekside Management.

Fighting, spitting, foul or abusive language, serious foul play, dissent and ANY referee abuse, will ABSOLUTELY NOT BE TOLERATED at ANY time. Team Managers should bring any team or individuals who they fee do not belong in the league to the attention of Creekside Management

PLEASE NOTE:  We cannot make up games if we have to cancel games due to inclement weather.

Refund Policy: 
If you would like a refund prior to a program or league starting there will be a $35.00 administration fee.
There will be no refunds once a league or program has started.