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SBW Alliance boys currently play in The YSSL -
YSSL provides a competitive schedule of games for boys’ teams and mixed teams for levels U8 through U19. Our league currently represents more than 500 teams from more than 70 clubs, including clubs from private organizations, community-organized groups, and park district travel programs.Teams are assigned to divisions by age and their level of competitive compatibility. A schedule of games for each division is created for each season. At the end of the season, division standings are evaluated and teams are assigned for the next season, moving up and down the levels of competition based on their earned points. 

SBW Alliance girls currently play in The IWSL -
The Youth Division teams shall be separated into "Age Divisions" based upon the maximum age of players in each age division, i.e. U-10, U-14, etc. If there are enough teams within an "Age Division" for more than one division, they shall be divided into Sub-Divisions. The Sub-Divisions shall be identified by letters of the alphabet with the more competitive teams grouped in the "A" Sub-Division and the less competitive teams in lower Sub-Divisions in descending order as "B", "C", etc. Where it is desirable, in lower Sub-Divisions where competition is more equal, Sub-Divisions may be grouped geographically and shall be named according to their geographic area within the IWSL territory as, for example, "D North", D South", "D West", or variations thereof.

Some SBW Alliance Boys and Girls Teams play in The Illinois State Premiership Divisions.

This Competition is For Elite Teams -

Some SBW Alliance Boys and Girls Teams play in The Premiership Divisions.
Illinois Youth Soccer started the State Premiership Division in Spring 2013 with support from our competitive member leagues. This exclusive competition was designed to give elite teams that are registered with Illinois Youth Soccer competitive member leagues (Illinois Women’s Soccer League (IWSL), Young Sportsmen’s Soccer League (YSSL), Central lllinois Youth Soccer League (CIYSL), St Louis Youth Soccer Association (SLYSA), and ILLOWA an opportunity to compete against the other top teams in the state.

What are the requirements to play State Premiership?
Any team registered and in good standing with an Illinois Youth Soccer member competitive league can apply for the State Premiership. Team must complete the Premiership application and submit a resume for consideration for acceptance into the Premiership.

Where are games played?
All games are home team host. Illinois Youth Soccer gives each team a schedule with which games they are the home team.

How are games scheduled?

Team schedule the game amongst themselves and a finalized schedule must be submitted to Illinois Youth Soccer by the schedule by deadline. Teams are allowed to reschedule games as need be, following a specific protocol.

How many games do we play?
Team usually play a 7 game schedule, but that may vary should the size of the division increase or decrease from eight teams.

Some SBW Alliance Boys and Girls Teams in The Midwest Regional League -

The MIDWEST REGIONAL LEAGUE (MRL) mission is to provide the highest standard of competitive play for youth teams in US Youth Soccer Region II (the Midwest Region) and to assure the continued growth and development of elite level players.

Very simply we are here for the BEST TEAMS…BEST PLAYERS…BEST COMPETITION.

All of us associated with the MRL strive to provide the absolute best high-level competitive environment for our teams. We are here to serve the elite US Youth Soccer affiliated teams and are cognizant of the choices that these teams have in participating in events, tournaments and leagues in order to showcase their players. The MRL offers the absolute best league competition in our area as teams vie for the chance to earn spots into the Midwest Regionals as part of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series.

League Structure
The MRL features competition in five Age Groups (U14, U15, U16, U17, and U18) for both Boys and Girls. Two seasons are offered – Fall and Spring. Based on the number of teams in an Age Group, Premier and First Divisions are offered. Teams earn spots in the Premier Division by qualifying through their play in MRL competition. Within the Premier and First Division, sub-divisions may also be formed. A promotion and relegation system has been adopted ensuring that success on the field results in teams participating at the highest levels of the MRL. Teams in the Premier Divisions compete for the two Wild Card slots that are available in each age group. Each year, more than 100 MRL teams participate in the Region II Championships as either state cup champs or MRL wild card entries.

Relationship with Region II State Associations 
In essence, the MRL is an extension of elite team competition for US Youth Soccer affiliated teams in each Region II State Association. The top teams from State Associations qualify to participate in the regional league. The MRL, in conjunction with each State Association, provides the opportunity for top teams to enter the highest level of competition in youth soccer. The MRL works with the appointed MRL State Association Representative from each state association in serving the teams entered in our league. State Associations register players and approve team rosters for play in the MRL.

Teams earn the right to compete in the MRL based on play within their own State Association‘s competitions (thus receiving State Association approval); and must exhibit the level of play necessary to compete at the regional league level (review and approval of teams by the MRL). Not all teams that apply are accepted into the MRL. Each state association sets its own standards for approval/endorsement of teams to the MRL. Teams that participate in the MRL are expected to display the highest levels of conduct during competition. The MRL recognizes that teams also expect the highest levels of professionalism from all those associated with the League (other teams, coaches, referees). It is the MRL’s goal to provide the absolute best high-level competitive environment for our teams through professional management and operations.

Qualification in MRL:

Illinois Youth Soccer Association (IYSA) has established the following guidelines for the selection process for teams wishing to play in the MRL

  • ·  Teams need to qualify for MRL each season
  • ·  Teams must have played in previous year State Cup
  • ·  Teams must be registered and play in the current year State Cup
  • ·  Teams must be registered and in good standing in an IYSA affiliated league
  • ·  Teams that play in U.S. Youth Soccer National League are given

preference in the selection process for MRL.

  • ·  Teams that retain status in MRL Premier I Division or Premier II

Division are given preference in the selection process for MRL.

  • ·  Teams who competed in the MRL Premier Divisions the immediate prior season are given preference in the selection process even though their previous performance may have caused them to have been relegated.
  • ·  Teams finishing in the final four of the previous year IYSA State Cup will be given preference in the selection process but are not guaranteed to be selected for MRL.
  • ·  Team results in the IYSA State Cup will be given preference over normal league play.

    Depending on age, ability and availability, some SBW Alliance Boys and Girls partake in the following State Sanctioned Events and Tournaments, being State sanctioned events SBW Alliance has found over the years that the competition level is consistent with our player development initiatives that the club adheres too. The flexibility these tournaments offer with self scheduling ensure that our players enjoy a high level experience in a State sanctioned event.

  • State Cup -
  • Presidents Cup -
  • Illinois Cup -

SBW Alliance is proud of our achievements and boasts the current record:

Presidents Cup Champions:
2015 - U13 Girls (Miceli)
2017 - U14 Girls (Miceli/Lewis)
2017 - U18 Girls (Lewis/Coffman)

Illinois Cup Champions
2017 - 2006 Girls (Miceli/Smith)

We believe it best to push players to be the best they can be individually and will continue to pursue the avenue of playing the best competition available regardless of age.

If you have any questions regarding SBW Alliance please email us directly at:

[email protected]

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