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Erudite Welcomes the Westmoreland Girls' Basketball League

Erudite Basketball is pleased to present the 2019-20 Westmoreland Girls' Basketball League!

The links below will take you to information for registering a team for the League, the published rules for this season, and to the general directory of teams. Each team has an individual page from which you may see your calendar and schedule.

We'd also like to direct your attention to the last entry on the home page titled, "Team Central". If you hover your cursor over that title, you'll see selections for "Calendar", "Posted Schedules", "View Scores", and "View Standings". Note that Team Central is only available when you've logged into your account. You may find that area of the website easier to navigate to find your season schedule than going through the "Team Directory" link, but both will get you there.

If you have any questions concerning the League or how to navigate the website, feel free to email us at [email protected]. And again, we're happy to host your league!

Drew Polczynski, President
Erudite Basketball
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Score Reporting

To report game scores, send an email to [email protected].

In the subject line, enter "Westmoreland League Score Report"

In the body of the email, enter the following:

Grade: <enter your grade level>
Scheduled Game Date: <enter the date the game was originally scheduled to be played>
<Home Team> - <Home Team Score>
<Visiting Team> - <Home Team Score>

Click here for an example email.

2020 State Middle School Basketball Championships

We are pleased to announce that the Westmoreland League has been recognized as a qualifier for the 2020 State Middle School Basketball Championship. This is a true invitational tournament as only the top three finishers in each division will be invited to register for the event. There is also the possibility that a lower regular season finisher could be extended an invitation if they go on to win in the playoffs.

The tournament will take place in State College in late March. For more details, check out their website - 2020 State Championships.