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Rule Change

New Rules Go Into Effect January 1, 2018

BYBL has an important announcement that will impact players playing at the Pinto - Pony level beginning with the Spring 2018 season.

PONY Baseball, which is who BYBL is governed by, has implemented new rules regarding age cutoffs and bat regulations. Below are the links to the following changes:

Bat Rule Change

In short, the only bats that will be allowed are bats with the USA Bat Stamp on them. These bats were created and implemented so they would be more like wood and reduce the “pop” that the current bats have. The BYBL Board of Directors is aware of the expense of purchasing a new bat which is why we are sending this communication out now. We were hoping to have a grace period on this but that will not be the case. Please know this rule will be enforced by the umps and the coaches. There will be NO EXEPTIONS to this rule. If a player brings an illegal bat up to the plate and it gets checked by the umpire and is determined illegal, that player will be called out and the bat will be removed from the dugout.  You can purchase these bats at Dicks, Just Bats, Discount Bats, Amazon, etc.

Age Determination Date Change

The PONY Baseball age determination date has been put into place so that players will now be playing grade appropriate baseball. The cutoff date has been moved to August 31st. The above link also contains a chart.  

Though the age groups are broad on the chart, here are BYBL'S age requirements:

  • Pinto 7-8
  • Mustang 9-10
  • Bronco 11-12
  • Pony 13-14
  • These rules will not affect Colt and above.

You can view all of these rules and any other information regarding PONY baseball at

If you have any questions, contact Chris [email protected]

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