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Area tournament rules (updated 10/2015)

1) One Five minute overtime up to the semi-finals and then you get two five-minute overtimes. The full 5 minute over time (s) will be played, even if someone scores. The five minute OT (s) are not sudden death. Goalkeepers are allowed. There is a new coin toss before the OT (s) where the home team calls it. It’s important for the referees to denote the 2 team captain’s numbers. Home team is the team at the top of the bracket, regardless of the game location or the team being played. In the semi-finals there is only 1 coin toss at the beginning of the first OT. This determines who kicks off first just like at the start of the regular game. The other team will get kick off in 2nd OT quarter. This allows both teams to have a chance to kick off.

2) If no winner after the 5 minute OT (s) then there will be penalty kicks. Each team will use 5 players that were on the field at the end of the 5-minute OT period. Goalkeeper substitution is allowed as long as it’s a player that was on the field at the end of play. A new coin toss called by the home team, to determine who kicks first (or second). This is NOT a sudden death PK round. Both teams will use all 5 players to complete the round.

3) If after the first 5 PK are taken there is no winner, additional sudden death rounds of kickers will be from different players. If the roster is exhausted, then you can re-use players from the first round. (These re-used players cannot be used again until all of the other players have gone at least once.) There will be a new coin toss before the sudden death PK round to see who shots first (or second). This IS a sudden death PK round. In other words, one player from each team will shoot and if one misses and one makes it, then that's the end of the game. If both kickers miss or both score, the next kickers will try and so on until one makes it and one misses.

4) Only the original 22 players (or less) should remain on the field during the shoot out. Only the player taking the shot should be near the 18. No substitutions are allowed during the shootout. Bench players cannot be brought in. Nobody should be sitting behind the goal, etc.

5) Coaches are not allowed on the field, unless given permission by the referees.

6) The shot cannot be taken until after the referee has blown the whistle. At that point, the referee must ensure that the keeper is on the line and the kicker is ready. If the shot is taken before the whistle is blown, it doesn’t count.

Passers -  Kicks from the Penalty Mark Tiebreaker for the Passers Division will be conducted as follows (without the use of a goal keeper):  Accuracy Kicks will be taken from a spot marked 8 yards from the Pug like goal and centered upon, a Pug like goal.  All other procedural rules stated above shall apply.

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