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Parent Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What do I need to register my child to play in MBR?
 A copy of their Birth Certificate, proof of medical insurance and a completed registration form is all you need to sign your child up.  

Q:  I'm not in the Midlakes School District.  Can my child play for MBR?
A:  Yes, but there are some caveats.  If you are coming from a town that borders with another Babe Ruth charter, the "home" charter will be consulted.  Also your child will be ineligible to play in Babe Ruth District and State Tournaments.  

Q:  I want my child to play in a certain division, but it's not listed as an available program when I register, what do I do?
A:  National Babe Ruth Rules state that the division that a player is age eligible for is determined by his/her age on May 1st of the current year. Placement of a player outside of that division is done at the discretion of the local Charter.  MBR does not allow a player to play above their age eligible division unless that player demonstrates an advanced knowledge of their current division, or demonstrates a safety concern for their peers.

Q:  I want my child to play for a specific coach or my child wants to play with a friend.  Do you allow requests like this?
A:  In the past MBR has honored requests from parents asking for a specific coach or asking to play with friends.  This led to a massive problem of unbalanced teams.  MBR will review these requests on a per incident basis.  Please note that MBR is under no obligation to honor these requests.  Our first duty is to make sure that we put together balanced teams. 

Q:  What equipment does my child need?
A:  All levels require that your child posses a baseball glove at the very minimum.  We have several retailers in the area that sell baseball equipment (Wal-Mart, Dicks Sporting Goods, Herb Phillipsons, etc.).  Helmets are also required at all levels.  If you do not wish to purchase your own helmet, MBR coaches are given equipment bags at the start of each season, and helmets are available for use.  Catching equipment is also provided if you do not wish to purchase your own.  Your child may bring his/her own bat or they may use bats that MBR provides.  If bringing your own bat, they must meet the standards outlined HERE.  Additional equipment that is recommended but not required that MBR does not provide: Baseball cleats, athletic cups/supporters, batting gloves.  If your child wishes to wear sunglasses, MBR suggests that you purchase sport glasses that are impact/shatter resistant.  This is also suggested if your player requires the use of corrective glasses, your optometrist should be able to help you.

Q:  How do you decide who the coaches will be?
A:  Anyone wishing to coach for MBR is required to fill out a coaching application consisting of a background check, a general application and sign a Code of Conduct.  All applicants will be required to attend a coaching clinic/orientation.  At that point the Board reviews each applicant and takes into account their coaching experience along with feedback from players and parents that have played with them in the past.  If you are interested in coaching, check out the information under the Coaches section above.

Q:  When can i expect to see practice schedules, game schedules and team information?
MBR attempts to provide all pertinent information to it's participants in a timely manner, but sometimes this doesn't always work out.  We participate in a multi-town league, so logistics can be difficult.  You should hear from your coach 1-2 days after the teams have been drafted about practice dates and times.  The game schedule will be disseminated ASAP.

Q:  Is there travelling involved for games?
A:  For the 8U(Rookie), 10U(Minor) and 12U(Majors) divisions, yes there will almost always be travel involved.  An unfortunate reality is that youth participation is down everywhere, no matter the sport.  In order to provide a quality experience, we partner with area leagues so that the kids have a chance to play against multiple teams.  For most years these towns include Red Jacket, Pal-Mac and Newark.

Q:  How do you decide when to cancel games/practices due to weather?

A:  Your coach will be notified by a league official if games are cancelled due to weather or other circumstances ASAP.  They will then communicate with you the cancellation and if/when another date has been scheduled for the make up. If there is a sever weather warning in the area, all events are immediately cancelled.

Q:  An umpire seems to be making incorrect calls in my opinion.  Can I complain to them about it?
A:  Absolutely not!  At no time shall a spectator engage an umpire for any reason.  Any concerns you may have with the officiating should be discussed with your coach.  If at any time a spectator is found to be interfering with the game by openly arguing or harassing the officials, that spectator will be removed from the complex.

Q:  Will I be required to work in the concession stand?
  Yes.  All parents are required to work at least a single, 2 hour shift in the concession stand during the season.  The concession stand is a vital revenue stream for the league and without it we would not be able to provide equipment, field maintenance, trophies, etc.  We do our best not to schedule you on nights when your child is playing.  Many other leagues require some form of initial fee that is paid by the parent and only reimbursed once they work their shift.  We would rather not have to do that.

Q:  What if I can't make the day I'm scheduled?
  Talk with your coach and other team parents to get coverage.  We don't care who is covering the shift, just so long as it's covered.

Q:  I see that you have a no smoking policy anywhere on your grounds.  Does this include smokeless tobacco and/or "vaping?"
A:  Yes this includes both smokeless tobacco and the use of a vaporizing device, even if it does not contain nicotine/tobacco "juice".  Anyone found to be violating this rule will be asked to stop using the product and if they do not do so, will be removed from the complex.

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