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Dear USA of Indiana Parents and Coaches,

USA of Indiana KidSafe

USA of Indiana, since 1979, has provided a safe playing environment for its children.  Parents expect participation in youth sports will help their children develop emotionally, socially, and physically.  Sadly, these benefits occasionally are overshadowed by damaging behavior of adults.  Fran Sepler, an expert on reducing risk to children in youth sports, on behalf of the US Youth Soccer Risk Management Committee, in the brochure Managing the Ultimate Risk (available from USA of Indiana), states:  ‘PARENTS are the primary advocates for their children.  No rule, law, or policy can replace a proactive parent.’  Please never leave your children unsupervised.

Fran states:  ‘Protecting our Kids is our First Priority.  For youth athletes to gain benefit from sport, they must be safe.  Every Sport Has its Risks.  Coaches, parents and administrators need to do their part.  Policies, Procedures, Screening, and Monitoring, are the keys to a safe sports environment.’

Being concerned about player safety, understanding of rules of the game, and other Risk Management issues, especially player safety, is the responsibility of all, including USA of Indiana Board members, Committee members, Coaches, players and especially parents

Please “Park in the Park.”  Please no drop offs along Moller Road or West 62nd Street at Northwestway Park.  Please no drop offs along Reed Road or W. 56th Street at Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex.  Please park in the parking lots at USA of Indiana Avon and Brownsburg Complexes.  Please note the NO PARKING areas at Northwestway Park.  This includes grass areas, other than the overflow parking lot.  This is for safety reasons, to allow emergency vehicles the ability to get through the lot, should the need arise.  There is plenty of parking available in all lots at the Park.

Please remember that the majority of our USA of Indiana referees at the Rec level are kids themselves, and many are still learning.  Please treat them with respect and thank them for a job well done.  Positive comments go a long way to improving performance.

It is everyone’s responsibility to help protect our children from risk.  All hard objects (such as beads, ponytail holders with beads, metal hair clips) in the hair are considered jewelry and, therefore, dangerous and not permitted.  Referees should not allow players to play with this jewelry.  This is a very long standing FIFA Law of the Game.  This world wide soccer federation Law of the Game #4 lists only certain equipment soccer players may wear during a game and bans all other items, including jewelry.  Although some youth leagues, including USA of Indiana, in the past, allowed some earrings to be taped over, or allowed beads in hair when covered, the United States Soccer Federation issued a clarification that such actions are no longer allowed for the safety of the players.  USA of Indiana must follow such rulings.  Please understand the ‘no beads’ rule comes from FIFA Law #4 citing ‘no jewelry.’  USSF states:  ‘Beads, as decorative items, must be considered as jewelry.  They can also be dangerous, particularly at the end of braids.  For these reasons, they are not permitted.’

There is a wealth of information posted on USA of Indiana’s web site about a soccer player’s equipment and what is allowed and what is not posted on the Risk Management page.   There you will find the documents that address beads, jewelry, head bands, eye glasses.  This particular document contains USSF’s clarification that beads in hair are banned: Equipment

Thank you.


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