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Sep, 2018

NEW Partner - San Patricio MEDFLIX

With a solid reputation as a cutting edge Imaging Center in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, San Patricio MEDFLIX offers the latest technology in an environment designed for comfort, physical and mental relaxation.

At our new facilities, strategically located in Marginal Kennedy, Buchanan sector of Guaynabo at the crossroads with San Juan and Bayamón, patients can access advanced radiology and nuclear medicine services in one place including: MRI, CT, General and Vascular Ultrasound, Densitometry (DEXA) with Vertebral Fracture Assessment (VFA), Body Composition Analysis and Nuclear Medicine, including hybrid SPECT-CT and hybrid PET-CT.  Ample parking and valet service, among other services, complement our offering.

Similarly, and considering its role in providing cutting-edge diagnostic procedures, San Patricio MEDFLIX uses innovative and unique techniques thus resulting in more accurate studies and greater comfort for the patient.  An example is our Dual X-Ray Source multidetector CT (MDCT) scanner, used to study the arteries of the heart (coronaries) with technology never before available in Puerto Rico.  This novel technique uses two x-ray tubes yielding high-definition images with unprecedented speed (best temporal resolution in the Island), exposing patients to less radiation and obtaining crisper images, particularly those of the right coronary artery and branches.  For patients with cardiac conditions, this technology enables Computed Tomography Angiography scans (Coronary CTA) to be more precise than other scanners, in many cases, obviating the need to take drugs to reduce the heart rate, reducing potential complications and waiting time to study completion. Furthermore, at the time of writing this piece, San Patricio MEDFLIX remains the only outpatient facility on the Island routinely performing Cardiac MRI and the only accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR) for such subset of MRI scans.  Our imaging facility is one of a handful of facilities accredited in Puerto Rico by this entity for Coronary CTA studies.

Beyond the high end technology used in all of our studies, the innovative aspect that highlights San Patricio MEDFLIX is its atmosphere, characterized by a modern yet soothing style that promotes a sensory experience like no other in the industry.  A combination of music, aromatherapy, natural and artificial lighting, spacious and comfortable rest areas, personnel dedicated to pamper the patient, and the new services of Psicosonia, complemented by the highest quality care, renders the patient’s experience at San Patricio MEDFLIX consistently pleasant and memorable.

Maintaining the highest quality standard has characterized San Patricio MEDFLIX for over a decade, we update our technology and equipment frequently, and each machine is accredited by the ACR for the modalities of MRI, CT, PET-CT and Nuclear Medicine and several subsets of studies within each modality.

For these and other reasons, San Patricio MEDFLIX is preferred by myriad physicians and their patients in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

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