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U10 Coaching Sessions

WEEK 1-Running with the Ball to Penetrate
WEEK 2 - 1v1 Attacking
WEEK 3-Passing                        
WEEK 4-Passing II
WEEK 5-Dribbling/Passing in 2v1s 
WEEK 6-Receiving    
WEEK 7-Receiving and Turning
WEEK 8-Defending
WEEK 9-Passing and Combining
WEEK 10-Finishing

In order to make practices run smoothly and be fun, it is important to have a basic understanding of the intellectual, emotional, and physical developmental stage of the players we are coaching. Here are some typical characteristics of the Under 10 player:

·         Attention span lengthens and they start to show the ability to sequence thoughts and actions.

·         Players start to think ahead and think “If this, then that”

    • You can ask questions such as “If you make this run, where would that lead the defender”

·         The desire to play develops, activities can involve “winner and loser”

·         Demonstrate increased self-responsibility

·         Players start to recognize fundamental tactical concepts

·         Begin to become aware of peer pressure.

·         Players affiliate with their team or their coach

·         There is a wide continuum of maturity evident on most teams.

·         U10 is still a crucial age for technical skill development.

    • Activities can be focused on topic such as “1v1 defending” “attacking”
  • Ratio of Player to Player per age group

·         U6–1:1

·         U8–1:2

·         U10–1:3 or 1:4