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Academy Little League

2018 Season Information Packet

2018 Registration is CLOSED.

Dear Academy Little League Parents and Players,


Baseball season is almost here! As we begin our 23rd season, we want to again recognize the tremendous volunteer spirit of those who contribute to our league’s success. We remain confident with your continued support that Academy Little League will again be recognized as the finest Little League in the region. To that end, we remain committed to operating our league in accordance with the guiding principles and policies established by Little League Baseball.


One distinctive difference between Little League programs such as ours and other baseball programs is the minimum play rule. All players must play a minimum of six defensive outs and have one at bat in each full regulation game. In addition, all players will be placed on a team regardless of ability. We also attempt to group our T-Ball Division (5-6) and our Rookies Division (7-8) by school (we will make every effort to accomplish this and comply with all requests, but we do not guarantee the placement of any player); therefore, it is important that you list your player’s school on the registration form and definitely at the volunteer table.


The older divisions (9-10, 11-12, 13 and 13-14 year olds) have evaluation sessions, and players are drafted onto a team; we match baseball player’s abilities by dividing them into Red and Blue Divisions in our 9-10 and 11-12 age group. All 13 year olds will be evaluated to either be placed in Intermediates or the Juniors Division. Any player that does not attend an evaluation session cannot qualify for a Red Division team and will be placed RANDOMLY on a Blue Division (or Juniors if 13/14) team during the draft. In addition, we do not guarantee a makeup evaluation session, you need to make every effort to attend your session at your scheduled time.  You will receive a link to sign up for an eval time in your registration confirmation email.

Evaluation Sessions are as follows (dates are firm, times are subject to change):
9-10 Year Old Minors:  Feb 3rd, 12:00-6:00pm
11-12 Year Old Majors:  Feb 10th, 12:00am - 6:00pm
13-14 Year Old Intermediates/Juniors:  Feb 4th, 8:00am - Noon

New last year, experienced 6 year olds (those with at least two years of T-Ball) can choose to play in the T-Ball Division or the Rookies Division. The T-Ball Division will have fewer players per team (which means more play time), less contact time per week and a much more affordable registration fee. This new format was a big hit in 2017 so we will continue it in 2018. The Rookie Division is more in line with what has been offered in the past.


NOTE: Similar to the past few years, we anticipate D20 restrictions on field use for a variety of reasons. That may limit field availability and the number of total games that can be played. Because of this situation that is out of our control, we may have to limit the number of players in certain age divisions again this year. In the event that we cut off registration because of field availability, or (as has been our policy in the past) if we are unable to obtain a qualified volunteer manager for a team, your money will be refunded.


Academy Little League All-Star teams play within Colorado’s Little League framework, competing in the District 5 (and hopefully State, Regional, and World Series) tournaments. As some of you may know, in our 22-year history we have fielded 16 State Champion and 37 District Champion teams. In 2017, our 9-10 and 11 year old teams were District Runner-ups, and our 12 year old team won the State Championship and competed admirably at the Southwest Regional Tournament in Waco, TX!


As you would suspect, it takes a lot of time and effort to administer and manage a program of this size. The Board of Directors will be asking for your help as team managers, coaches, team parents and a variety of other jobs that are necessary to make the program a success. As you review the enclosed registration information we ask that you please consider volunteering for one of the positions listed--it takes almost 40 volunteers just to complete player evaluations! You can volunteer for any position at the time of registration. Keep in mind, if you plan to have ANY conatact with players other than your own, you must complete a volunteer form.  It is quick and easy and best to do it early!


You can also find extensive information about our entire program at We wish you a safe, enjoyable, and memorable 2018 season.


Now, let’s get ready to play ball!! Sincerely,

Academy Little League Board




Registration fees:

*   There is a $10.00 fee to cover the cost of online registration.  Register before Jan 27th at 2017 prices (discount applied at checkout)!  Prices will go up by $20 after January 27th.



ages 4 through 6

$75.00 ($95 after Jan 27th)


ages 7 and 8

$135.00 ($155 after Jan 27th)


ages 9 and 10

$200.00 ($220 after Jan 27th)


ages 11 and 12

$230.00 ($250 after Jan 27th)


ages 13 and 14

$230.00 ($250 after Jan 27th)


Multiple player discount:      A family with more than two players in the league will receive a $25 discount for the third and subsequent player(s). Please contact the registrar if you do not see a discount on your registration or if you have any questions.

Additional Costs After Assigned to a Team:  The league will provide each player with a hat, jersey, and socks.  The league will also provide the team with batting helmets, cather's gear, and a bat.  Players are welcome to purchase their own gear also.  The player must provide pants, belt and any personal gear such as a baseball glove, cleats, cup, etc.  Managers may ask each player to contribute to the cost of renting a field to ensure the team has exclusive use of a field for practices or for indoor practice during inclement weather.

Boundaries:  You must reside or your child must attend a school in this boundary to play for Academy Little League.  Our geographic boundaries are:


--South of following:  INTERQUEST PKWY to POWERS BLVD to Old Ranch Rd to Baker Rd to Wildflower Rd to Arroya Ln to Rex Rd


--North of following:  Garden of the Gods to Austin Bluffs to Stetson Hills Blvd and extending a line to Falcon

--All of the Air Force Academy

Please see the boundaries link on the league website under the "About ALL" tab for a list of eligible schools and a google map.

You may also be able to play with Academy LL on a waiver.  Typical waivers include a “Grandfather waiver” (you have played in the league but moved outside the boundaries), a “sibling waiver” (your sibling has played in the league under a waiver) and a “volunteer waiver” (you have volunteered in the league but live outside the boundaries).  All these waivers require paperwork.  Please contact the registrar ASAP to start the waiver process.  If you are unsure if your player needs a waiver or qualifies for one, please contact the registrar. 



2018 Little League Age Chart

Match month (top line) and box with year of birth. League age indicated at right.

    2003200320032003    15


Note: This age chart is for BASEBALL DIVISIONS ONLY, and only for 2018.

Attention players whose birth date falls in May-August 2004:  Please understand that players whose birth dates fall in May-August 2004 that the 2018 age chart will place you as a 14 year old. Little League International made this adjustment in this final year of the age changes made years ago. This group would have originally been changed ahead a year, but Little League grandfathered them in so that no group lost eligibility during their premier 12 year old season. This means this group (ONLY if your birth date falls in May-August 2004) will be league age 14 for the 2018 season and therefore will play in the Juniors' division. Academy Little League does not have the ability to waiver anyone who falls into this category back into Intermediates. Please contact the league registrar if you have any questions.


Duration of season: (Subject to Change; exact dates TBD; number of games is approximate)


T-BALL                                        April 2 – June 3; 8 games (no end-of-season tourney)

ROOKIES                                   April 2 – June 3; 12 games (no end-of-season tourney)
MINORS BLUE DIVISION          April 2 - June 10; 16 games (includes end-of-season tourney)
MINORS RED DIVISION            April 2 - May 29; 16 games (includes Memorial  tourney)

MAJORS BLUE DIVISION          April 2 - June 10; 16 games (includes end-of-season tourney)
MAJORS RED DIVISION           April 2 - May 29; 16 games (includes Memorial tourney)

INTERMEDIATE DIVISION        April 2 - June 3, 16 games(includes tourney)

JUNIORS DIVISION                   April 2 - June 3; 16 games (includes end-of-season tourney)


All players should be contacted no later than February 28th by their manager/coach.  This could be delayed if we don't get enough volunteers to manage teams.


Practices begin:  All Divisions may begin practice immediately after contact by their manager/coach.  Days/times and locations are set by each manager and may be on any day of the week. For 9-14 year olds, geographic separation is almost certain among team members since they are drafted.  Be prepared to practice anywhere within our boundaries and posssibly just outside our boundaries.  Be prepared to practice and play Monday through Saturday.  The league will not move drafted players to a different team to accomodate a player's schedule.


Game days: Games for all divisions can be played on any day. We do not plan on playing on Sunday; however, numerous rainouts may force us to do this. Game schedules will be finalized in March after teams and field locations are finalized.


Conflicts with other activities:  We recognize there may be conflicts with other extracurricular activities--scouts, soccer, music, and even other baseball activities (such as tournament teams). Please be aware that we encourage players to attend all league practices and games. Coaches reserve the right to adjust playing time based on practices/games attended.  Also very important, All-Star program has a minimum participation rule in order to be eligible to try out for the team.


Registration Information-(Online and Walk-in)


If at all possible, please register your player online.  We will hold a walk-in registration at Dick’s Sporting Goods located in the Chapel Hills Mall on North Academy and Briargate Blvd on Saturday, January 20 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. This walk-in will be for families new to the league, anyone wanting to pay by cash or check, anyone with special circumstances, those needing to talk to league personnel, those needing additional information or assistance or anyone who wishes to meet or speak with members of the Board.  You SHOULD FILL OUT YOUR REGISTRATION ONLINE with everything you have available prior to coming to walk-in registration, saving all progress.  There will be volunteers available to help you with the process if you are unable.


Sponsorships:    Please see Kelly Dunn, the league’s Advancement Director at registration or contact her through the league website ( for our sponsorship possibilities this season.




Late RegistrationAnyone who registers late (after January 27th) may be placed on a waiting list if applicable. We cannot guarantee a spot if you register late.

Birth Certificates: If you are a returning player from last spring a birth certificate is not required. If you are new or have been absent for one season from the league you must bring your child's birth certificate to registration or upload (preferred) during the registration process to verify age.


Player evaluations: All players (except returning 12 year-olds and 14 year olds who were Majors Red Division players and Juniors Division players, respectively last year) ages 9-14 must attend an evaluation session and will be drafted to a team. ONCE YOU HAVE REGISTERED YOU WILL RECEIVE A VERIFICATION EMAIL WHICH WILL CONTAIN A LINK TO SIGN UP FOR AN EVALUATION. Team placement is determined by the draft, not personal requests. We do not guarantee a makeup evaluation session; be sure that you attend at your scheduled time.  WE DO NOT “CUT” players.  All players, regardless of ability will be placed on a team.  Red Division in the Minors and Majors and Intermediates are considered more competitive and therefore our higher scoring players will be drafted to those divisions. If you do not attend evaluations you will be placed on a Blue Division team or Juniors Division if 13 years old, regardless of skill or experience, no exceptions!


Refunds:   If you cancel before February 1, you will receive a refund by mail.  Credit Card processing fees are NOT refundable.  No refunds will be given after January 31, 2018.  



Equipment / Schedules / Uniform: Team equipment will be provided to managers at their respective draft; Schedules will be posted on the ALL website and provided to your team’s manager A.S.A.P.; Your team’s manager will be notified when and where uniforms may be picked up.  Uniforms include a jersey, hat and socks for each player. You will need to provide pants and belt, your manager will tell you what color.

2018 Bat Rule ChangeALL NON-WOOD BATS MUST HAVE THE USA BASEBALL LOGO.  Bats labeled as "Approved for Little League" are no longer allowed, no exceptions. 

Tournament: Academy Little League will have an end of the season tournament for all age divisions, except T- ball and Rookies age groups. Typically, our Red Divisions and Juniors will have their tournament over the Memorial Day weekend, pending field availability. Blue Division tournaments will run over a longer period, typically immediately following Memorial Day.  Once city fields have been assigned, we will announce tournament dates.   


Updates/Changes/Cancellations:  All season information, updates, and cancellations will be posted on the ALL website









All-Stars must commit to 100% participation in all practices and games.  Do NOT make unbreakable vacation or other commitments in June-July (9-11 yr olds) or June-August (12-13 yr olds)! 

The intent of Academy Little League is to field the best, most competitive combination of players and staff to represent the League. We participate in the Colorado District 5 All-Star Tournaments (9-10, 11, 11-12 and potentially Intermediates this season) following the end of regular season play. Each age group fields one team, each composed of a maximum of 14 players. Official dates for the 2018 All-Star Tournaments are not yet published/confirmed; however, we expect District play to begin on/about July 6th.


The 11-12 year old and Intermediate All-Star Teams have the opportunity to advance beyond the State Tournament to Regional competition; and the World Series.


Player selection


All-Star participants must first be nominated by regular-season teammates to attend evaluations.  They will then be selected based upon the following criteria:


a)         Players who demonstrated attitude, commitment, and sportsmanship.

b)         Players who demonstrated on-field performance.

c)         Regual Season Team manager recommendation.

d)         Availability throughout the entire All-Star tournament schedule, including all tryouts and practices.

e)         Performance at All-Star evaluations (to be held June 8-9, 2018).


Final player selections will be made by the All-Star manager and coaches based on the above listed criteria. All- Star practices begin the week after selection and are typically conducted 5-6 days a week until the District Tournaments begin in early July. Players may not miss practices or games without extremely extenuating circumstances, which should be discussed and approved PRIOR to a player’s tryout.


Manager / Coach selection: The All-Star manager for each division is selected by the Board of Directors near the conclusion of the regular season. The manager selects one or two assistant coaches who must also be approved by the Board of Directors.


NOTE: In the past there have been questions regarding fielding separate (from the All-Stars) tournament teams. The ALL Board wants everyone to understand these teams (if formed) have nothing to do with ALL; they may be formed, organized, coached, and funded by anyone wanting to do so, with players from any (or a mix of) organizations. Our league insurance, equipment, policies, etc. does not cover/support these separate tournament teams. Consistent with the league’s goal of fielding the best, most competitive combination of players and staff to represent the League, ALL does not support players selected as ALL All-Stars to participate on tournament teams ON/AFTER the date that All-Star selections are made (the first week of June). The Board does, however, clearly recognize the potential benefit of improving individual skill levels of ALL players who choose to play on tournament teams throughout the regular season.  However, as stated previously, the Board encourages attendance at all league games/practices for ALL players, and fully supports ALL regular season coaches in their decisions to determine playing time based on games/practices attended.

Field Status

Open Open

Gossage Youth Sports Complex (09:22 AM | 05/19/18)

Open Open

Gossage Red (09:22 AM | 05/19/18)

Open Open

Gossage Yellow (09:22 AM | 05/19/18)

Open Open

Gossage Blue (09:22 AM | 05/19/18)

Open Open

Gossage Orange (09:22 AM | 05/19/18)

Open Open

Gossage Green (09:22 AM | 05/19/18)

Open Open

Mountain Ridge Middle School (09:22 AM | 05/19/18)

Open Open

Mountain Ridge Middle School (09:22 AM | 05/19/18)

Open Open

Falcon Regional Park (10:04 AM | 04/24/18)

Open Open

Falcon Regional Park 2 (10:04 AM | 04/24/18)

Open Open

Falcon Regional Park 1 (10:04 AM | 04/24/18)

Open Open

Leon Young Youth Sports Complex (10:04 AM | 04/24/18)

Open Open

Leon Young Field 4 (10:04 AM | 04/24/18)

Open Open

Larkspur Community Park (10:04 AM | 04/24/18)

Open Open

Larkspur Community Park (10:04 AM | 04/24/18)

Open Open

Bear Creek Elementary School (10:04 AM | 04/24/18)

Open Open

Bear Creek Elementary (10:04 AM | 04/24/18)

Open Open

Wasson Park (10:04 AM | 04/24/18)

Open Open

Wasson Park (10:04 AM | 04/24/18)

Open Open

Falcon Legacy Campus (10:04 AM | 04/24/18)

Open Open

Falcon Legacy Campus Small (10:04 AM | 04/24/18)

Open Open

Falcon Legacy Campus Large (10:04 AM | 04/24/18)

Open Open

Ford Frick Park (09:22 AM | 05/19/18)

Open Open

Ford Frick (09:22 AM | 05/19/18)

Open Open

Timberview Middle School (09:22 AM | 05/19/18)

Open Open

Timberview (09:22 AM | 05/19/18)

Open Open

Academy Endeavour (09:22 AM | 05/19/18)

Open Open

Academy Endeavour (09:22 AM | 05/19/18)