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Key Recreational Volunteer Roles


1.  Risk Management summary as posted on Rec page:
“Coach is never to be alone with a single child.  Parent of second to last child to be picked up must wait with coach until the last child is picked up.”

2.  Special instructions for dual U5, U6, U7, & U8 coaches.  There entire team with both coaches trains together and plays two games at the same time on adjacent fields.  Parents sit 360 degrees around the dual fields.  No one but four coaches and players are between the two fields.

3.  Each team gets its game schedule from the website.  Look for “Game Schedules” link on Recreation page.
4. Sample note from Commissioners to Coaches (PDF Version) prior to season play.
5. Sample note from Commissioners to Coaches (word Version) prior to season play.



Each age group has a Lead Coach who is a key resource to each coach for on the field soccer matters.  Key responsibilities include assisting USA of Indiana Soccer Director with Academy age group training sessions.  The goal is provide several professional training sessions for each child and to improve the subsequent training sessions run by the team coach.  Ideally the Lead Coach would also visit each team’s training session at least once to offer assistance and also to visit each team’s game at least once to observe (for later feedback).


Assigned to specific age group and fields, often staffed by Rec Commissioners and Rec Coaches or other active parent.
1.  Start games on time whether there are refs or not.
2.  Make sure teams are playing with proper number of players.  If one team is short players ASK the opponent to lend player(s) to team that is short and provide training vests if needed.  Although each coach should already have training vests, extra vests are available in the uniform shed next to the snack bar.
3.  Make sure each game is being played with the proper format of play for that age group / sex (3v3, 4v4, 6v6, 7v7, 8v8) with the minimum of players sitting out.
4. Only coaches and players between dual fields. Do not allow fans to sit nor allow lawn chairs between the dual fields (u5-u8).  Fans sit 360 degrees around the dual fields.
5.  Ask the coaches to check that each player is wearing shin guards.  Extra shin guards may be borrowed from lost and found in the uniform shed next to the snack bar.
6.  Check the proper size of ball.

Click here for detailed Hendricks Rec Field Marshall Duties



1.Please be certain to assign all “unassigned” players so we don’t miss a child.  I have assigned a set number of teams for each age division based upon the current and anticipated player numbers as well as assigned a specific team number and uniform color for each team. Assign the number of players to each team as I’ve outlined in the “fields needs” excel.

2. Ensure that each team has an assigned coach.  Please start the recruiting process NOW.  Each dual team is required to have TWO assigned coaches.

Follow these steps:
It is your responsibility to line up coaches.  We will not decrease the number of teams due to lack of coaches in your menu.  Please take these steps in order and you will succeed. I’d first go to last 2 seasons’ database to check the list of coaches to see if any did not sign up to coach again.  Call them first.  Don’t skip this step. Then I’d ask Rec Coordinator to check the database for you of parents who DID check the box to coach on their child’s registration form, but failed to complete the coaching application (which then puts them in your coach pull down menu).
Then I’d write an email to every parent in my age/sex requesting they step up to coach their child.  I’d tell them training is provided, manuals are provided, and no experience necessary.  And they get to pick the practice day and location (which Park). Some of the next steps will include having the one head coach deputize a parent on the first day (still must get into coach database, back ground check, etc.) Then I would call EVERY PARENT IN THE age/sex DATABASE UNTIL YOU HAVE ENOUGH COACHES.  Just keep calling the entire list (NOT just the one team without a coach) in a particular age/sex until someone agrees to coach.  Often one agrees to be co-coach only.  Then I call back the hesitant ones to tell them they now have an assistant.  But one way or another we must have a head coach to send the roster to.  This is best done BEFORE you send rosters as you will likely need to move players around.

3. Review the number of players listed as “UNPAID” and contact those players ASAP to determine whether they indeed plan to play.

4. There is NO reduction in the numbers of coaches needed, trained, and becoming more experienced at USA of Indiana.  USA of Indiana wants to involve all parents and trains parents to become Rec coaches.

5. Parents need NOT move during the game to see their child play in both dual games, view from the end line.

6. No Arcs on U5/U6/U7/U8 fields.  U5/U6: OK for player to kick in and keep dribbling.  This will provide for more soccer playing, less waiting for referees to blow whistle, less unnecessary do overs, less referee direction of how to kick off, restart.

7. Replacement uniforms at cost: $15 for jersey, $5 for socks, $5 for shorts ($25 for entire kit).


Walking around Park greeting parents and players.
United Soccer Alliance of Indiana needs your assistance in serving as Officer of the Day during USA of Indiana Rec games.  Officers of the Day are often, but not always, USA of Indiana Board Members, Staff, USA of Indiana Lead Coach, USA of Indiana Commissioners Rec.

The responsibilities for the Officer of the Day include:
1.  Checking that the gates, snack bar, uniform shed, and ice locker are unlocked.
2.  Help volunteers find their assignment location (i.e. give vests to parking lot volunteers).
3.  Answer questions from coaches, players, parents.
4.  Wear orange vest.
5.  Risk Management.  Keep kids away from dams, ask parking lot volunteers to help keep parent from driving too fast or parking illegally.  Monitor lightning detector when needed and blow air horn when lightning detected <5 mile radius.  Wait 30 minutes from last lighting detection to resume games or, in consultation with Thomas Geisse, cancel the rest of the Games.


Often the USA of Indiana Rec Ref Assignor or the Jr. Ref Assignor.
1.  Check if games have a referee and fill in from the oldest ages down.
2.  It is more important to have U12 refs, then U10, etc.
3.  USA of Indiana has a terrific ref development program and it is great to have young refs at the rec games.  However, IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO HAVE A REF FOR U5-U6 GAMES or every u7 and u8 game.

USA of Indiana Policies and Information

Recreation and Rec Plus Divisions Mini Summary
1. USA of Indiana discourages playing up for best interests of child is paramount.
2. USA of Indiana Rec Team formation Board policy must be followed.
3. IYSA Rec Team formation rules must be followed including: “Consideration of ability of the player allowed only to aid in balancing strength of teams.” “All forms of recruiting, invitations, and tryouts for a specific Rec team are prohibited.”
4. Parents seeking an exception to allow their child to play up must contact Director Coaching Recreation and receive his/her approval.
5.  Rec teams are randomly formed each fall season and may remain together for the following spring season.  The Club will honor the first three parent/player requests.
6.  For Risk management reasons, there is no evaluation of the parent request made by Club.
7.  Although part of the fun for children is to score goals, there is no place for runaway games in recreational soccer.  Any coach responsible for this will be referred to the Coaching Education staff for remedial training.  (Have players pass the ball, have others try to score, rearrange player line up by skill in dual games, trade best player for the rest of the game.)

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