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United Soccer Alliance of Indiana

Referee Information

BECOME A NEW Referee & Recert
RECERTIFICATIONS are now all online here 
NEW REFEREE course is now online.  Visit  US Soccer Learning Center  How to & Starting Point for New Refs here.

Sign Up to Be a Jr. Ref here

To be assigned to Ref USA Indiana in house Rec games in Avon, Brownsburg, or Pike Township:
Junior Refs please self assign on the REC REF Page.   Licensed Referees please contact Keith Mitchell for games.
To be assigned to Ref USA Indiana hosted travel games for US Youth National League, ISL & CNC & Rec Plus league email Keith Mitchell
To be assigned to Ref USA Indiana hosted travel games for US Club NPL National Premier League email Keith Mitchell
To be assigned to Ref USA Indiana Tournament games for Indy Burn Cup, Indy Pike Fest, Indy Fusion Classic, Indy International Soccer Cup email Keith Mitchell

USA of Indiana Referee Contacts and Fees Information Sheet
Ref pay scale
See the full USA of Indiana Recreational League Rules Play here.

USA of Indiana Junior Refs (existing and all interested to become Jr Refs) Want to Ref USA of Indiana U6 to U8 games?  Self Assign on the Rec Ref page.  Become a USA of Indiana Junior Ref. USA of Indiana Junior Referee sign-up and Training Session is for those ages 10 and older, who are not licensed referees, but would like to begin to ref.  Junior Referees should bring a copy of their own (player) schedule and the USA of Indiana game schedule (also available at the meeting). The USA of Indiana Game Schedule is posted on USA of Indiana website referee page. 

Grade 8 and 9 (licensed) Referees: Want to Ref USA of Indiana U10-U1 Rec games? Please contact Keith Mitchell to get games. The USA of Indiana Game Schedule is posted on USA of Indiana website referee page.  

Rec & Junior Referee Pre-Season Training Session Whether you have been a referee for a few seasons or you are brand new to refereeing, please mark your calendars.  Please bring your whistle with you.  Licensed referees please bring your flags.  We will go over some specifics for each age group as well as overall areas to concentrate on.  

Referee Library & Tips

Notes from the Field- From Dave Howard: USSF Assignor

  • Weather is a major consideration: You need to plan ahead and have the right gear to work in the cold and wet games.  Look up your local clubs web site to see if the fields are open or closed.
  • Food & Water: You need to plan ahead, bring food/snacks and water to every game!
  • Referee gear is important: During cool temps you can wear sweatpants, a hat and gloves. Your USSF shirt ALWAYS needs to be your last layer showing. Have your USSF patch on. Always pack a trash bag with your gear just in case the rains come and the fields are wet.
  • Equipment & Rules: Always check the goals and the field before every game. Get the player passes and or paperwork before kickoff. Also check how long you are playing each half. Do a pre-game with the other referees, so everyone is on the same page. Report any problems to the assignor after the game.

Rules, Policy, Procedures

WIND CHILL (temp & wind)

  • 46 and higher No Change
  • 45 lower Allowable Additional Clothing
  • 40 and lower Shorten games/training
  • 35 and lower Suspend game/NO training

HEAT INDEX (temp & humidity)

  • Up to 89 Normal Play
  • 90 – 99 Mandatory water breaks, 5 min shorter halves
  • 100 – 105 Mandatory water breaks, 10 min shorter halves
  • 105+ Suspend play/NO training

Check weather site for WIND CHILL and HEAT INDEX
 “feels like” information.  Even wind as low as 8 mph can make a sunny 40 feel like 35 and cause training to be canceled.

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