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Archer Lodge Athletics

2018 Spring Schedule

3/2- Coaches meeting for INTRO and MODIFIED

3/12 - Practices begin for MODIFIED


3/24 - Games begin for both groups - PICTURE DAY

6/2 - End of season


Age Division

Age division is determined by the players age as of May 1, 2018

  • INTRO: AGE 4/5 – Maximum number of players per team: 9; 2 coaches.
  • MODIFIED: Age 6 – Maximum number of players per team: 10; 2 coaches.

$70 Registration fee 

covers uniforms (hat and shirt), balls, field maintenance, and two tickets to AL Family Fun Night at the Mudcats Stadium.***

***As a no-hassle fundraiser we will have a Mudcats Night at Five County Stadium.  There will be a mandatory fee of $20 added to each player’s registration (for a total of $70).  This fee will provide each player with 2 tickets to the selected game. Additional tickets may be purchased once the date has been set.  All tickets sales associated with the Archer Lodge Community Center on that night will help raise more money for the program. We had a blast last year and hope you will join us.

Coaches will be provided practice balls.

Players will need to provide bat and glove. Baseball pants and cleats are optional.  Helmets are not needed for INTRO and are optional for MODIFIED.

Please contact our Baseball Coordinator with any questions.

League Information


participation trophies



This program will be a fun introduction to the game.  Basic fundamentals and rules of the game will be taught; the direction of base running, running through 1st base, touching each base, not throwing the bat, force outs. NO COACH PITCH. This allows the game to move more quickly and keep the players engaged.  This also allows all players a better opportunity of making good contact with the ball. All players bat and field. Maximum players per team: 9; 2 coaches. 


practices (one a week) M-F; games Saturday 

This program will begin teaching basic fundamental techniques with hitting, throwing, and catching and more rules of the game.  There will be NO COACH PITCH for the FIRST HALF of the season; the hitting tee is a tool used to develop players and will be utilized as such for half the season.  The coaches are free to assist the players with batting stance, etc. and anticipated “plays” (where to go with the ball if it is hit to you…).  With this format in place, every child will get a hit; the pace of the game speeds up, which keeps the players more engaged (rather than picking daisies and playing in the dirt).  There will be a player positioned at the pitchers mound to signal for a pitch prior to the batter hitting the ball off the tee.  All players bat, 10 players field.  Entire team hits constitutes ½ an inning. Maximum players per team: 10; 2 coaches. 

Field Location

Games and practices will be held at the following locations:

Clyde's Chapel 

Archer Lodge Community Center