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President's Message

This message contains important updates on:

  • SYC Little League Baseball President

  • 2018 board member elections and volunteers

  • New Little League Baseball Bat Standards

  • Winter Clinics 2017/2018

  • 2018 Little League Tournament Dates

  • 2017 SYCLL End-of-year Survey

  • Closing thoughts


SYC Little League Baseball President:

SYC Little League Baseball Family,


My name is Matt Shue and I am the new President of SYC Little League (SYCLL) baseball.  I have been involved with SYCLL for years as a manager/coach, umpire, and board member.  Through my involvement in SYCLL, I have had the great pleasure to get to know many amazing people in our SYC community; many of whom I consider friends.  With that, I am excited to get started as President as I take over for our outgoing President, Tim Perry.  Tim has done an outstanding job as President of SYCLL.  He has worked tirelessly to improve our baseball program.  Amongst his many accomplishments, Tim’s focus on capital improvements saw the addition of a new, permanent concession stand, a new fence in right field at Windy Hill Small, and upcoming dugouts for Windy Hill Large.  Please help me in thanking Tim for his service as President of SYCLL.  Thanks to Tim’s leadership, SYCLL is positioned for success for years to come.  It is my goal as President to work with all volunteers and the community to continue to improve our program.  As we enter our third year of our affiliation with Little League, our program continues to grow…in size, in strength, in what we offer to the community, and in spirit! 


2018 board member elections and volunteers:

We are proud that our program offers baseball opportunities year-round; however, we could not be successful without a team of dedicated volunteers to help with the extraordinary amount of work it takes to run a program the size of SYC.  I’m happy to let you know that we have conducted elections for our 2018 SYC Little League board of directors and many 2017 board members will be returning to their same positions in 2018.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Patti Smith for her years of dedicated service to SYC as she steps down from her role as Secretary of the board.  I’d also like to welcome new board member Andrea Jamison as she assumes the role of Secretary.  The following board positions are unfilled and are currently available:  Vice President – Administrative; Player Agent – Minors Division; Sponsorship Coordinator; Special Events Coordinator; and, Director of Summer/Fall Baseball.  If you are interested in a position, please contact me. A full list of the SYCLL board positions can be found on our league website at


Volunteers are the cornerstone of the success of our SYC Little League Baseball program.  Coaches/managers, board members, umpires, team parents, and volunteers for the concession stand and field maintenance activities are all part of the TEAM that makes SYCLL successful for our kids and community.  Please consider volunteering in any way you are able; your help will ensure our continued success.


New Little League Baseball Bat Standards:

Beginning January 1, 2018 Little League will implement the new USA Baseball Bat Standard.  This change is not exclusive to Little League International; other organizations such as AABC, Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball and PONY Baseball have also adopted the new standard. 


You (and your player) will be affected by this change!  Of utmost importance to understand is that bats used and approved for the 2017 season, will NOT be acceptable for use in the 2018 season.


Again, currently approved bats (i.e., the bat your player owns now) will not meet the new USA Baseball standard.  If you are planning to purchase your player(s) a new bat in the near future, please buy a bat that has the USA Baseball stamp to ensure it meets the requirements of the new standard.  (These bats are now being advertised on-line and will be available in stores soon.)  Bats for 2018 must have the USA Baseball stamp to be acceptable for use!  The SYCLL board is planning for this change and is purchasing bats that meet the new requirement.  The board will ensure that each spring 2018 SYCLL team will have at least one league-provided bat for player use. (Note: bats for the t-ball division will be addressed separately.)

Information on the new standard, designed to make youth bat performance more wood-like, can be found at the following links:


Winter Clinics 2017/2018:

With the fall baseball season concluding in the next few weeks, we will be actively preparing for our winter clinics.  Winter clinics are a series of instructional sessions spread out over four weeks and designed to provide interested players with an opportunity to continue to hone their skills.  Clinics are offered for different age groups with either fundamental sessions (designed to enhance the broader skills of throwing, catching, and hitting) or more position-focused sessions such as those for pitchers and catchers (designed to develop critical mechanics for specific positions). 


Winter clinics are offered in two sessions, December and January, with all sessions held in the Windy Hill Building.  The winter clinic schedule is currently being developed with registration for the December clinics opening in early November; additional information will follow.


2018 Little League Summer Tournament Reminder:

As we begin preparation for the upcoming season, please keep in mind that players may have an opportunity to participate in one of the Little League summer tournaments.  The Little League International tournament teams will begin practicing June 1st with games starting on, or around, June 20th and may last into August depending on the success of the team.  The District 14 Clarence Boyd tournament teams will begin practicing after the spring season concludes with games starting on, or around, July 15th and typically concludes by the end of July. 


Participation on a tournament team is a great experience for players and their families.  Participation requires a commitment to the team and the tournament practice and game schedule so please consider these dates as you begin planning your 2018 summer vacations.  More information on the tournaments and how SYCLL selects players for the tournament teams can be found on our website (click here: tournament selection process).


2017 SYCLL End-of-year Survey:

It is the goal of the SYCLL board to work to continuously improve our program; therefore, as we did last year, we will be sending out an end-of-year survey asking for feedback.  Last year’s survey went to over 300 families and we received approximately 75 responses.  The feedback received was insightful and helpful and allowed for changes improve our program.  For example, as a result of the survey, we altered the way in which we conducted our spring evaluations.  The feedback received from the new approach to evaluations was very positive!  We are currently developing the 2017 end-of-year survey.  Our goal is to send it out and receive all feedback by the end of the year.


Closing Thoughts:

Throughout this email, I have used words like ‘family’, ‘community’, ‘our’, ‘we’, and ‘team’…and all apply perfectly to our values and how we hope SYCLL baseball is perceived.  That is, SYCLL is all of these bound together with a common goal to provide an exceptional youth baseball experience for all of our players and their families.  I am proud to be a part of the SYC Warrior family and I’m looking forward to another great year of baseball! 


On behalf of the SYCLL board, thank you for your support of SYCLL baseball!  


To stay up to date on all the great things happening with our program, please visit our website at and like us on Facebook (@SYCBaseball).  If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]. 




Matt Shue 
President, SYC Little League Baseball