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About USA of Indiana Community Recreation Soccer

Please note:

1.  Uniform charges apply only to those players who need a new Club jersey.
2.  All USA of Indiana’s coaches are certified and complete criminal background checks.
3.  Most teams are true age teams.  Occasionally age groups may be combined. Some ages are coed.
4.  Late charges apply after deadlines.
5. Replacement uniforms at cost: $25 for jersey and black socks.
6. Families may spread payments over several months if necessary.   Contact us.
7. See the full USA of Indiana Recreational League Rules Play here.

Where Can I Find Rec Schedules and where Can I Find the Name of My Child's Coach?

Instructions HERE


How to get view your child's team:

• Log into PlayMetrics

• Click on Your Team Name -

o Left Hand Side in the Navy Menu

How to get your Schedule:

• Log into PlayMetrics

• Click on Your Team Name -

o Left Hand Side in the Navy Menu

• Your upcoming Game and Practice schedule appear on this page

• Click the "Games" tab

o Your Game schedule appear on this Page

On Mobile:

How to get your Schedule:

• Log into PlayMetrics App

• Your Calendar is displayed

• Your Game and Practice schedule appear on this Page

How to see Team:

• Log into PlayMetrics App

• Click on the "My Team" button on the bottom of the screen

Player Ages & Skill Level

USA of Indiana offers Recreational Soccer for boys and girls from 18 months years to 20 years old who are seeking a developmentally-appropriate soccer experience. New or developing Rec League players learn basic soccer skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship.  Fun and soccer skill development are the goals. In Indiana, “soccer age” is determined by the player’s birth year.  Click here for an  Age Chart for all USAi, Travel, Rec Plus, Rec & Tots.  

Size of soccer ball

#3 for 18 months-8 & under.
#4 for 9U-12U
#5 for 13U-adult

Seasons & Location 

Participants can either play in the USA of Indiana Pike Rec/Rec Plus Program or USA of Indiana Brownsburg/Avon Rec/Rec Plus Program.  Spring season is during April and May and early June.  Fall season is during September and October. Each season includes 8 games played on 6 weekends and 2 week nights, plus several coach led training sessions.   There are also optional age group training sessions provided by USA of Indiana Soccer Director and Lead Coaches for each age group.  Each player plays a minimum of one half of each game.  Scores, team and league standings are not kept, and all players receive a participation trophy or medal at the end of each season.  All coaches and volunteers complete a criminal back ground check and coaches complete a coaching certification course.

What is the Format?

US Youth Soccer, National Soccer Coaches Association of America, Indiana Soccer Association, and USA of Indiana believe Rec Soccer players learn best and have more fun playing small-sided game formats of 3 v 3 or 4 v 4.  It is widely accepted young players need to develop techniques before being taught tactics.  The best way to teach soccer skills and techniques is having children play soccer!  The format of play for Soccer Tots ends with 3 v 3 games.  The format of play for 5U and 6U is two 3 v 3 games at the same time on two fields.  The format of play for 7/8U is two 4 v 4 games at the same time on two fields.  The format of play for 12U is 8 v 8.   See the full USA of Indiana Recreational League Rules Play here.

Why no Goalies until 10U?

Sam Snow, U.S. Youth Soccer Coaching Director, had the following interaction with a coach in Florida not long ago:Sam, can you send me some good articles or a comment on why we should play without goalies at U-8? I am trying to influence a club to change to this format.
"The U-8 age group is still in an egocentric phase of psychological development, which tells us that we should allow these children to run and chase the ball, to be in the game – not waiting at the end of the field for the game to come to them. It is more important at this age that they chase the game. Children this age want to play with the toy (the ball) and they need to go to where the toy is to be fully engaged." Click here to read entire article.

"Baby Blues cartoons posted by permission of Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman, fellow soccer dads, coaches and snackmeisters."
"Best-Jerry Scott, Baby Blues."  Click on Daryl to read more Baby Blues.

© Bab Blues Partnership. Reprinted with special permission of King Features Syndicate.

'Reprinted with permission from the creators.  Thanks and best of luck! Hector and Carlos"  Click on Baldo read more cartoons.

"Speed Bump cartoon posted by permission of Dave Coverly and Creators Syndicate, Inc.  Thank you Dave, fellow soccer Dad."  Click on cartoon to read more. 



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