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Pre-Academy Details

Training Sessions / Games
- 10 Fall
- 6 Winter Futsal (Indoor Soccer)
- 10 Spring
- 2 Festivals
- 1 Tournament in the Spring (Summer Starter)

30 sessions of training & games across 10 months.

Total 2019 Pre-Academy Cost: $350

For More Information on the ACS Pre-Academy, please contact Julio Penalillo or call the office:
(910) 944-9042

ACS Pre-Academy

AC Sandhills is proud to present this new development program. 

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Program Description


The pre-academy is designed to provide the highest quality development program for the area’s most motivated and committed soccer players.


The program offers several unique benefits, including a developmentally-appropriate curriculum created and taught by licensed, professional coaches for ACS, one time a week.  There will be outdoor training in the fall and spring season and futsal will be offered in the winter months. This program is exclusive to our ACS recreation players with a birth year of 2011 or 2012.  


The curriculum  emphasizes body movements and individual ball mastery, allowing the players to become more comfortable with the ball and confident and creative with their foot skills, all while nurturing their passion and enjoyment for soccer.  Activities and games will follow the AC Sandhills way. Each week of training will feature a topic that will cover all aspects that we believe will be a key to develop our players.


This program will be offered on Wednesday evenings and will still allow the player to attend both of their recreation practices.   There will be 10 sessions in the fall, 10 in the spring and 6 futsal sessions in the winter.