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13-16 York County League

The 13-16 York County Baseball League is comprised of 8 divisions based on skill level, from 1A to 8A.  The lowest level is 1A and the highest level is 8A.  Teams in 1A should be composed of players 13-14 years old who are moving up from 11-12 intramural teams.  Teams in 8A should be composed mostly of 15-16 year old players with high school baseball experience.  Kids 16 years old should play 5A and higher, and no 16 year old kid is allowed to pitch in levels 4A and below.  So no 13 year old kids should be facing 16 year old pitchers, unless your 13 year old kid has exceptional skills and is playing at the advanced level. 

In recent years SYC has placed two teams in the York County Baseball League.  Our hope for this year is that we register enough kids to field 3 teams, which will better enable us to place all of your kids on a team that plays in a division compatible with your child’s age and skill level.  We will play other teams throughout York County, so this is a travel league.  Most games will be a 30 minute or less drive from Shrewsbury.  Games do not start until mid-May, until after high school sports seasons have concluded.  So if your child wants to play high school or middle school sports there will be no conflict with games.  Pre-season practices may conflict, and SYC coaches understand that school sports (and academics) take priority.  Most games are scheduled on weekdays.  Weekends are used for practice and makeup games.  The season concludes with a tournament, which is usually the second week of July.  So if possible try to schedule that summer vacation for later in July or August. 


Division Criteria Guidelines


This criteria has been established as a guideline for organizations entering teams in the above league.  It is to be used as a guideline when making requests for division placement.  Final team placement will be made by league officials based on team rosters submitted and previous knowledge in an attempt to allow for competitive balance in each division.  From time to time deviations will be made on a case by case basis.


Divisions 8A, 7A, 6A and 5A will generally play on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday starting about 5/15


Division 8A

16 year olds    high school varsity and jayvee players, non high school players with a good skill level

            15 year olds    quality and good skill level jayvee players


Division 7A

            16 year olds    average and below average skill level

            15 year olds    with above average skills


Division 6A

            16 year olds    weak skill levels

            15 year olds     with average skills

            14 year olds    quality skills, players moving up from the 11-13 A travel


Division 5A

            15 year olds    below average skill levels

            14 year olds    good skill players moving up from the 11-13 A or B travel

13 year olds    exceptional quality skill levels

14U Travel only Teams

13U Travel only Teams


Divisions 4A, 3A, 2A and 1A will play on Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday starting about 5/16


Division 4A

            15 year olds    weak skill levels

            14 year olds     good skill levels, moving up from 11-13 B travel or recreation programs

            13 year olds    quality skill levels


Division 3A

            14 year olds    average skill levels, moving up from in house recreation programs

            13 year olds    good skill levels


Division 2A

            14 year olds    below average skill levels, moving up from in house recreation programs

            13 year olds    average skill levels


Division 1A

            14 year olds    weak skill levels

            13 year olds    below average and weak skill levels