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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions asked about
Shadow Mountain Little League.

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Does everyone who attends skill evaluations make the team?

Yes! We use skill evaluations to make the teams as even as possible. The coaches and managers will assess each player and then (on a different day) take turns selecting kids to fill out their roster. This selection process is kept private and the kids never know the order of selection.

What should my child expect at skill evaluations?

Each player will have 3 chances to hit a ball off of the machine and run to 2nd base, field a few grounders from short stop and throw to first, and catch a few fly balls throwing to both 2nd base and all the way to home.

Everyone who registers and lives or goes to school within the boundaries of SMLL will be placed on a team. Skill Evaluations help our league to equally distribute all skill levels so every team has equal ability.


My child has never played before; will they be expected to attend skill evaluations?

The coaches, managers and board members who run skill evaluations see this every year, if the player has no idea what to do or where to go, they will modify the evaluation to assist the player. While it may feel scary, we strive to provide a successful event for every child. If there is still a concern, please contact the registrar and we can make other arrangements.


Does everyone have to attend skill evaluations?

With the exception of tee-ball, yes. We ask all players who want to play to attend skill evaluations 

Tee-ball does not need to attend.


What if we can’t make it to skill evaluations?

If your child cannot attend skill evaluations they will be placed in a blind draft. A blind draft is a random assignment to a team.


I want my son/daughter to play up/down a division but the website is not giving me this option?

The website assigns players to their division based on their age. Click here to access the Little League Age Chart for 2018: Little League Age Chart

Something to consider when moving a child do a different division is their peer group. If they move to a different division, they will be on a team with kids that could be as much as 3 years younger or older and often, even if a kid struggles in their division they have more fun (and therefore more success) with kids their own age.  

That being said, you know your child better than us, so if you feel they should be placed in a different division we can usually accommodate that, with the understanding that if they pose a risk to the other players, by hitting or throwing so hard that they could get hurt, or in turn, if they could get hurt by a player hitting or thowing a ball too hard for them, they would have to play in their age assigned division. 
If you would like your child to play up or down a division please register them for the age appropriate division and contact

My child does not live or go to a school within the boundaries, can they still play for SMLL?

Unfortunately, no. All players must live within or go to a school that is within the boundaries of SMLL. Little League, Inc. is very strict about this policy and the only exceptions are if they have a sibling that plays with SMLL or they played the prior spring season with SMLL before moving or changing schools. Click here to see SMLL Boundaries.


At what age can my child start to play?

According to the 2018 Little League Age Chart, their birthday must be before August 31, 2014. 


When are practices and games held?

We are unable to determine the days and times of practices and games until we know how many players register to play. 
Typically, the following occurs:
Tee-Ball practices and games occur 2 weekday evenings/week for about an hour, usually ending no later than 7:30pm. Very few Saturdays.
Farm practices and games occur 2-3 weekday evenings/week for about an hour and half, usually ending no later than 8:30pm. Very few Saturdays.
Minors practices and games occur 3 weekday evenings/week for about two hours, usually ending no later than 9:00pm. Some Saturdays.

Majors practices and games occur 3-4 weekday evenings/week for about two hours, usually ending no later than 9:30pm. Some Saturdays.
Juniors practices and games occur 3-4 weekday evenings/week for about two hours, usually ending no later than 9:30pm. Some Saturdays.

Where are practices held?

Tee-ball, Farm, Minors and Major all practice at Nancie Lane Fields on the corner of 36th St. and Cholla. Juniors practice at Roadrunner Park.


Where are games held?

Tee-Ball and Farm will play all of their games at Nancie Lane Fields on the corner of 36th St. and Cholla.
Minors and Majors will play all of their home games and games against other SMLL teams at Nancie Lane Fields. If SMLL plays in an inter-league schedule, they will play away games at fields within the Phoenix-Metro area.


Where are special events held?

All events (such as Tryouts, Draft Day, Field Day, Family Fun Day, Picture Day) will be held at Nancie Lane Fields on the corner of 36th St. and Cholla. 


Do I have to pay for my child(ren)’s uniform?

Shadow Mountain Little League will provide each registered player a uniform shirt and hat. You will need to provide baseball pants, cleats (if they are in Farm, Minors or Majors) and a glove. There will be helmets and bats available, but most kids bring their own.


What if I can’t afford to pay the entire registration fee?

Shadow Mountain Little League provides scholarships, both full and partial. Please print a form from the website or click here. Scholarship Form. Any questions email

Can my company sponsor the league ?

We need sponsors - If your company would like to sponsor our league for just $500 (tax deductible); Your family can play for no cost.The company will receive advertisement on our fields and on our very popular social media sites. Please contact for a sponsorship form.