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Kick Off Classic Rules

2019 Harrison SC Kickoff Classic Rules

Tournament Rules

All tournament games will be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game as issued by FIFA unless otherwise indicated in these instructions.

Team Registration
All teams must be affiliated with the USSF or US Club. A 2019/20 official roster and valid passes must be presented at registration either thru e-registration or in-person registration. Up to a maximum game day roster of 18 players for full-sided teams and 16 players for 9v9 games and 14 players for 7v7 games.

Guest Players
A team’s roster may include up to 5 guest players as long as the number of players is within the appropriate limit as outlined above.

2019-2020 Age Grouping
U15:  January 1 2005-December 31, 2005 
U14:  January 1 2006-December 31, 2006 
U13:  January 1 2007-December 31, 2007 
U12:  January 1 2008-December 31, 2008 
U11:  January 1 2009-December 31, 2009
U10:  January 1 2010-December 31, 2010 
U9:    January 1 2011-December 31, 2011 
U8:    January 1 2012- December 31, 2012

Any team with mixed age players must play in the oldest applicable age bracket. It is a coach’s responsibility to insure that his/her team is entered in the correct age grouping. Teams found to have an illegal player will be disqualified from the tournament and any games not played will be forfeited without refund.

Each team must be represented at registration prior to the start of the tournament. Registration can be done in-person or electronically. The in-person registration date and location will be announced in August. Every team will be expected to check in at this time, unless arrangements are made with the tournament director. Teams traveling more than 45 miles have the option to check in on game day or electronically by contacting the tournament director prior to the registration date. Teams approved for Saturday check-in will have to appear at the tournament registration & information center one hour prior to the scheduled start of their team’s first tournament game. Any team failing to appear for check-in will be disqualified from the competition and will forfeit all registration fees. The following documents must be provided during registration:

·       1 Copy of the official state team roster for 2019-2020 seasonal year (for us to keep)

·       Changes to the roster (guest players- subject to limitations)

·       2019-2020 Player Passes for all players (including guest players)

·       Current medical release forms for all players (including guest players)

·       Permission to travel (if applicable)

·       A check made payable to Harrison Soccer Club for any outstanding tournament fees

·       All rosters will be frozen at team check-in

NOTE: Mixing of passes is NOT permitted - this applies to rostered players and guest players.  Your team must use player passes that are all from the same sanctioning organization – NJYS, US Club, USYS or EPYSA. Players are not eligible to play for 2 different teams within the tournament.

Electronic Registration
In order to register electronically, the tournament fee must be paid in full by Friday August 16, 2019 and all e-registrations must be received by Monday August 19, 2019. Full e-registration instructions are found on our website.

Note- Each team will be responsible for medical insurance coverage and treatment of each of its players. Each coach must have proof of medical insurance and copies of the medical release forms during registration and throughout the tournament. Each team, its players, parents, and other spectators participating in the tournament and all related events do so at their own risk. Harrison SC, Harrison SC board members, HSC tournament committee will not be responsible for any injuries that occurred as a result of tournament activities.


Game Duration
Small Sided (7v7 & 9v9): two 25 minute halves with a 5 minute half time
Full Sided (11v11): two 30 minute halves with a 5 minute half time

All games will start promptly at the scheduled times. The referees have the authority to shorten halftime or duration of each half as required to be sure that all games stay on schedule. There is no stoppage for injury unless medical personal is needed on the field. It’s at the discretion of the referee to add additional time due to serious injuries that require medical attention.  There is no overtime. Games tied at the end of regulation play stand as ties. Penalty kick shoot outs are only required to determine a bracket champion if the tie breaker guidelines below do not produce a bracket champion.

* The tournament committee may adjust the length of any game should a situation warrant such an adjustment (weather, unforeseen circumstances, etc.).

Game Balls
Division 4 & 5 use a #4 ball
Division 2 & 3 use a #5 ball

Home Team
The team listed first on the official game schedule will be designated as the home team. Should a uniform conflict occur, the home team will be required to wear an alternate jersey or pinnies. Players from the same team will be required to wear matching uniforms. The home team listed on the official tournament schedule will have the ball to start the game. The visiting team will have the ball to start the 2nd half

Pre-game Check in
All teams must check in with the appropriate Field Marshall no less than fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of every game. Coaches are required to have all coach and players player passes with them at all times. Failure to present passes upon request by tournament staff or match officials may result in a forfeit.

All games will be officiated by USSF referees. All small sided 7v7 & 9v9 games will have a center referee only. Each team will be responsible for providing one linesman, who will be responsible for signaling when the ball has gone out of play only. Linesmen are not allowed to coach from the sideline. All decisions will be made by the referee, and those decisions are final. All 11v11 games (2007 age groups & up) will utilize a 3 man referee crew.

All coaches, players and spectators will be expected to exhibit good sportsmanship. Coaches will be responsible for the behavior of their team’s spectators and are asked to stress the importance of maintaining the highest standards of sportsmanship. Please refer to the Harrison Soccer Club Code of Conduct on the Harrison SC website as a reference. Please forward to your team’s parents and fans. Any fan ejected from a game will be required to leave the grass playing areas and will not be allowed to attend any subsequent games at the 2019 Harrison Soccer Club Kickoff Classic. Referees will not resume play until the ejected spectator has left the game playing areas.

In the event of abuse of officials, players or coaches passes will not be returned to the team. The passes will be sent to the state association issuing the pass along with a detailed report.

Team and Spectator areas
Teams will both be on the same side of the field, with spectators on the opposite side. Coaches will be allowed to move along their own sideline between the end of their defensive 18 and midfield. Referees will be instructed to warn and, if necessary, caution (yellow card) any coach who does not stay within the prescribed coaching area.

Any player or coach accumulating three (3) cautions will be dismissed from the tournament.

Any player or coach ejected from a game will be ineligible to participate in the next scheduled game.

With permission of the referee, unlimited substitutions will be permitted at the following times*:

·         Prior to a throw-in by either team

·         Prior to a goal kick by either team

·         After a goal by either team

·         During half time

* The referee has the discretion to deny any substitution if a team is abusing the rule in attempt to disrupt play.

Yellow carded players are NOT required to come off the field but can be substituted at that time by the coach.

Unlimited substitutions will be allowed by either team on stoppage due to injury

If a play is stopped for an injured player who is then attended to by the coach, the player must exit the field and may be replaced by a substitute player. Exceptions to the injured player rule are if it’s (1) a goal keeper (2)a red/yellow card offense and the injury can be quickly assessed (3) multiple players of the same team are injured.

Changes from FIFA Game Rules
Build out line will be used for all small sided 7v7 games: When the goal keeper has the ball, either during play from the opponent, or from a goal kick, the opposing team must move behind the build out line. Once the opposing team is behind the build out line, the goalkeeper may pass, roll, or throw the ball to a teammate. Punting is not allowed for 7v7 games. Once the ball is played by goalkeeper the opposing team may cross the build out line and play resumes as normal

No heading for U11 and younger players.  Players are not permitted to head the ball for any reason during the games.  Should a U11 or younger player deliberately head the ball, Dangerous Play will be called and will result in immediate stoppage of play. If this occurs the opposing team will be awarded an indirect kick.  Referee discretion is always final.

U11: 2009 and U12:2008 Punting Rule: Under 9v9 rules, an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team at the CENTER SPOT on the halfway line if a goalkeeper punts or drop-kicks the ball from his/her penalty area and it lands in the air in the opponents’ penalty area. If the ball goes directly into the goal or bounces into the goal in violation of this rule, no goal is awarded and the ball is returned for an indirect kick as above.


Protests of game results will not be allowed. The referee’s decision during the game will be final. Disputes will only be heard if the infraction involves the use of an ineligible player. Should this occur, the tournament committee will resolve any such dispute, and the decision of the committee will be final.

Mercy Rule
To reinforce the meaning of good sportsmanship and to ensure the best developmental opportunities for all participants of the tournament, every effort should be made to avoid creating an embarrassing and discouraging situation for the players. If a team is approaching a six-goal differential, the tournament committee asks that the coach of that team change his line-up in a sportsmanlike manner. Please be respectful and considerate of the young athletes who are playing to the best of their ability. The goal of our tournament is create a positive experience for players of all levels.

A game will be declared a forfeit if one or both teams scheduled to play fails to field a playable team within a ten (10) minute grace period of the scheduled start time.

The minimum number of players required to begin a game are:

Seven (7) for U13-U15: 11v11 team

Six (6) for U11-U12: 9v9 team

Five (5) for U8-U10: 7v7 team

If the minimum number of players are present, the start time of the game will not be delayed for any reason. A forfeit will be declared a 1,0 loss. If there’s a double forfeit, each team will be awarded with a forfeit loss: minus 3 points (-3). A game will also be declared a forfeit if a team plays an ineligible player. 

Game Report
The field marshal will facilitate the recording and validation of the game report. The referee will record the score, report the specifics of any cautions and/or ejections and sign the game report. A coach from each team will also be required to validate and sign the game report. It is the shared responsibility of the referee and the coaches to ensure the game report is correct. The field marshal will submit the game report to the site coordinator who will include the game in the results and standings.

All first place winners will be awarded trophies or champion custom medals for U9 (2011) & above age groups. Second place finalist medals will be awarded for 6 team brackets only.

U8 (2012) Teams
Our tournament is non-results oriented for the youngest group new to travel soccer- U8 (2012).  Standings will not be kept.

We encourage the exchange of team club patches or pins.

All teams will play minimum of three (3) games. Standings will be determined by using the following point systems:

Win – three (3) points, Tie – One (1) point, Loss – Zero (0) points, Forfeit Win – two (2) points, Forfeit Loss – Minus three (3) points. Winning team goal differential exceeds 6 goals- Minus Two (-2) points

The team with the most points finishes first. Bonus points are calculated separately and will only be used in tie breaker situations. There is not advantage to winning a game by more than three (3) goals. In an effort to promote good sportsmanship, coaches are asked to be aware of the point differences in their game. 

Bonus Points

Shutout Win: One (1) bonus point per game (no bonus points for a 0–0 game or a forfeit win.

Winning Team/Goal Differential: One (1) bonus point for each goal with a maximum of three (3) points per game. Any team having a goal differential of more than 6 goals will be be assessed minus two (-2) bonus points.  

Losing Team / Goal Differential: Minus one (-1) bonus point for each goal with a maximum of three (3) points per game.

Minus one (-1) bonus point for every red card accrued during the tournament


Tie Breakers: U9 and older teams only

If two or more teams are tied at the end of tournament play based upon total number of points for wins and losses, the tie will be decided by the following rules:

·         Tie between two teams, head-to-head results determine placement.  If there is a three-way tie after game points are accumulated, the head-to-head results will not be used to break a three-way tie unless one team has beaten both of the other teams with whom it is tied.

·         In the further event of a tie  or if there is a three-way tie (except as noted above), the following tie breakers will be used in ascending order until placement can be determined.

(1). Bonus Points Awarded: 

·        +/-1 point for goal differential (up to a maximum of 3 points per game), +1 point for each shutout.  Any team having a goal differential of more than 6 goals will be be assessed minus two (-2) bonus points.  Minus one (-1) bonus point for every red card accrued during the tournament

(2)  Least Goals Allowed

·         In the further event of a tie least goals allowed determines placement

              (3). Goal Differential

·         In the further event of a tie goal differential determines placement, with up to plus 3 or minus 3 points

(4). Penalty Kick Shoot- out: only used of the tiebreaker system outlined above does not break the tie

·       The referee will decide which goal is to be used

·       Winner of coin toss will have choice of shooting first or second

·       Each coach will select five (5) primary shooters (only players on the field at the end of play may shoot).

·       After five (5)  shots, the team with the most goals will be declared the champion

·        If the teams are tied after five (5) shots, the shootout continues with each team alternating shooters in a golden goal format. No player may shoot twice until all players (including goalies) have shot once.

Ties will stand for U8 teams.  There will be no shootouts or tiebreakers for U8 teams.


Determination of Division Winners 2011 (U9) and above:

The division champion and finalist will be determined based on the number of teams in their bracket.

·       Brackets with 8 teams will consists of 2 groups of 4 teams each. Each team will play 3 games within a 4-team group.  The first place team from each group will play in the championship match.

·       Brackets with 7 teams will consist of 1 group. Each team will play 3 other teams in the group. The first and second place teams will play each other for the championship

·       Brackets with 6 teams will consist of 2 groups of 3 teams. Each team will play the other teams in their group and one cross-over game. First place in each group will play each other for the championship

·       Brackets of 5 teams will consist of 1 group. Each team will play all other teams in the group. Champion and Finalist will be determined by points earned from group play.

·       Brackets of 4 teams will consist of 1 group. Each team will play other teams in the group. Champion will be determined by points earned from group play. 

All age groups will consist of any combination brackets with 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 teams.


Golf Cart Policy
You must have a valid New Jersey Driver’s License to operate a golf cart. No drivers under the age of 18 (preferably 21). Drivers and passengers should keep all body parts inside cart while vehicle is in motion. Passengers may only sit in seats not cargo areas. Only authorized persons are able to drive the cart. Drive safely at all times.

Delays and Cancellations
The tournament committee will reserve the right to change times and locations in the event of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances. Every attempt will be made to complete the game schedule. Only the referee can stop play once a game has started. Games that are halted due to weather conditions will be resumed at the first opportunity. If inclement weather delays a game past its allotted time, then the score of the stoppage will stand as long as at least twenty minutes of the game was played.  The tournament committee will attempt to reschedule games that are suspended with less than twenty minutes played. The tournament committee reserves the right to determine whether or not a game is to be rescheduled. Games stopped with less than twenty minutes played which can’t be rescheduled will be considered a 0,0 tie regardless of the score at the time of stoppage. Cancellation of a portion of the tournament may result in the receipt of a partial refund. Any decision in regard to such cancellation and /or refund rests with the tournament committee.

Postponement and/or Rescheduling
If the tournament is postponed or rescheduled to a new date, all teams that applied to the original dates will be given the opportunity to withdraw from the revised date of the tournament with a full refund of their entry fees.

Refund Policy
If the tournament is canceled for any reason before the start of the tournament, Harrison SC will refund a minimum of 70% of the team entry fee. Any refunds not included in the above are at the sole discretion of the tournament committee.

Final Word

Any rule not specifically addressed herein will be decided at the discretion of the Harrison Soccer Club Kickoff Classic Tournament Committee. Their decision is final.



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