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College Recruiting Resources

In an effort to assist our players and parents in the process of college recruiting, Blitzz FC has provided some reference material to help players gain a better understanding of the process. We will be updating these resources as they become available. If you know of resources that we can add to our offering please let us know.
Recruitment Tips:

1- Keep good grades, prepare well for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT's. College soccer coaches look for kids who have good grades and high test scores. This helps you make the college's short list for recruitment.

2- Coaches develop recruiting lists starting with high school freshman. Having solid grades and test scores help get you on the short list and keep you on the short list. It does not guarantee you a spot, your quality of play does that.

3- Keep a recruitment log that details what you are doing to be recruited. This is to help you so you don't accidentally send duplicate emails.

4- Making the national and regional ODP U14+ teams help.

5- Put together a player profile sheet and take it with you to college showcase tournaments.

6- Coaches recruit players, not parents, make sure emails come from player not parent.

NCAA College Recruitment Timeline

1- Be sure the school you are interested in attending, offers the major you are interested in pursuing. 

2- Be sure the size, location, and distance from home, and social environment of the school you are interested in is comfortable for you for the next four to five years.

3- Make sure the school you are interested in offers the soccer program that you believe you can participate in at a level of your choosing and fits your abilities.

Sophomore Year:

– Make initial contact by letter and/or email with the schools you are interested in attending. 

– Formulate a list of 10-12 schools, varying in division and level of competitiveness

– Your intro letter should stress your interest in and awareness of the specific program. 

– Personalize the letter, review that team's past successes (season outcomes, records, tournament bids)

– Make unofficial visits to schools.  Campus tours can be arranged through admissions offices or visitors center

Junior Year:

– Athletes may begin to receive letters, media guides and soccer/university info from college coaches

– Continue researching schools and programs

– Watch a lot of college soccer

– Take your ACT/SAT during the fall and as many times as you can

Senior Year:

– As of July 1st your senior year, you may receive phone calls from coaches of both Div I and II schools.

– Coaches may call one time per week

– Messages don't count as a call

– Letters, emails, faxes, etc are unlimited

– First day of class you may begin official visits by invitation, they are expense paid visits.

Online Helpful Links: (rules and regulations)

Questions to ask the coach or players:

– How many hours a day does the team train? What seasons?

– May I choose my major and attend classes required in my major even if practice conflicts?

– What percentage of scholarship athletes graduate in four years?

– Does this college environment appeal to me and my needs?

– Can I afford the costs?

– What is the varsity team composition? (year in school, transfers, red shirts)

– What is the academic expectation to keep scholarship or eligibility?



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