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Dec, 2015

Developing Brave, Creative Leaders

A weakness of most coaches is that they pay scant attention to the leadership component of developing very young and adolescent players. Over time coaches usually develop reasonably astute tactical ability. They are "little commanders" moving men and weapons into different positions to create match-ups of superiority or hide areas of weakness. They have attended tactically-focused  coaching courses and read numerous books and magazine articles on strategic teaching and methods. These courses have convinced them that the best way to get success is to use what technical skills and leadership ability their players already have to steal the win against the next opponent. They have wrongly convinced themselves that finding the best way to arrange and use the troops to win is the main purpose of good coaching.

If we dare to move beyond our fear of losing to practice coaching as a form of maximizing potential and creative character development we might abandon our illusion of control and enter into a partnership with parents in developing truly brilliant humans with spectacular soccer abilities and character. By optimizing our most purist selves we might teach more clearly the actions that are life-empowering and in the process participate more fully in developing elite soccer players and establishing human destiny than we do in our quest for control, winning and profits. This relational way of coaching, in which elite skills, lightning fast tactical speed, and creative character development takes away fear, and optimal self-determination replaces control, is a way of teaching that can help us develop phenomenally capable young men and women, the capacity for elite connectedness and truly great team interaction in soccer and life.

See what we mean first hand, and see your child become a Future Legend.






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