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Division Descriptions

MUSC provides a complete assortment of completion levels to our adult community. We understand that some participants may desire highly competitive play, whereas many others desire moderately competitive play, and still others are just looking for low-stress introduction to the game. MUSC also understands that our athletic capabilities vary with age and we have responded by imposing age restrictions to some divisional groupings.

All participants must be at least 18 years old to participate in MUSC Adult League. Players younger than 18 are eligible for other programs offered though MUSC Youth Recreational and MUSC Youth Academy programs.

Female participants over age 18 are eligible to participate in any of the divisional groupings. Male participants are subject to minimum age restrictions noted in division descriptions. These age restrictions for men are in place in some divisions to allow MUSC to offer a wide range of competition levels.



Formerly known as Division A, our most competitive division, Open welcomes any player 18 years of age or older. While it is Co-ed, there are no requirements for a minimum number of women to be on the pitch. Matches follow USSF rules. The players in this division are generally the most skilled and fit players in the league, but any players are allowed to join. This is t

he only Adult division in which slide tackles are allowed.

This division is open to anyone 18 years of age or older. A minimum of two (2) women must be fielded on each side of the pitch at all times during the match or the team plays down a player (or two). Open Co-Ed was created to allow for a more competitive co-ed game than allowed in the Rec division (formerly Division C), and this is where the more skilled and aggressive Rec division players (of both sexes!) should be now playing. This division follows most USSF rules; however, slide tackles are NOT allowed.

30+ CO-ED
Formerly known as Division B, our Over-30 division is for men age 30 and older and women 18 and older. This is a competitive division that follows most USSF rules. Each team must field at least two (2) female players on the field at all time or they play down a player (or two). Slide tackles are NOT allowed.

Formerly known as Division C, Rec is for players who want a RECREATIONAL game, and is open to anyone 18 and over. Like the other Co-Ed divisions, there are no slide tackles and two female players must be fielded on both sides at all times. Anyone who wants a competitive game or who has played organized soccer at a high level should avoid this division unless you enjoy laid-back play. Scores in this division are not recorded and there is no end of season tournament. This division welcomes players that have never played organized soccer before, or those who have but just want to have fun. Rec is a great place for new players who want to develop their skills. This division should have non-aggressive, relaxed, and fun games. Players are limited to 2 goals each - if a player scores a 3rd goal, that goal will not count and will be returned to the other team as a goal kick. Slide tackles are NOT allowed.

40+ Competitive 7 v 7
Our newest division is for men over 40 who want a more competitive game than offered in 40+ Rec! For this inaugural year, the team format will be 7 v 7, with a single referee. This is a competitive division that follows most USSF rules. There is no minimum female field requirement, and any woman 18 and up can play - however, since the purpose of this division is to provide an environment for those aged 40+, stacking teams with collegiate female players will be monitored. Slide tackles are NOT allowed.

40+ REC
Formerly known as Division D, this laid back and fun division is for men age 40 or older and women age 18 or older. There is no requirement for the number of women on the field, and slide tackles are NOT allowed. Games for the 40+ division are being played at Core Health Care field.

Age Requirements

You must turn the required age by the end of the calendar year to be eligible for that division. For example, if you turn 30 on December 31, 2015, you can play in the 30+ division in the 2015 season. The exception is for 18 year olds - you must actually be 18 years of age to play in a game. If you turn 18 on July 1, 2015, you cannot play in a game until July 1.

Co-Ed requirements Women must be 18+ to play in any division; there are no other age requirements for women.


If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

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