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Score Reporting

Score Reporting


Send report to Michelle Delia  at  as soon as is feasible after your game.
Subject line: Week "X" "YOUR Team name" (Week letter should be week the game was originally scheduled for, NOT the week it was played) 
The body of the email needs to include the following information
1) Were you home or away?
2) The name of the Club and team you played
3) Goals scored by each team
4) Number of paid officials at the game
RE: Week B Blue Fire 
Blue Fire 4  (away)
Hillsborough Cosmos 2
3 refs
Please note that Michelle does not need an injury report unless it was not noted on the game card. If there was an UNREPORTED injury at your game, please also copy Sean Manns at on your score report. 

Only send a score report to David Tarendash (  if:

1) You were the home team and paid for the referees. 


2) There was an injury to one of your players 

If there was an injury, please include the following e-mails on your game report distribution list:

The only information needed on your e-mail is 
1) Description of injury
2) number of referees at HOME game

Please note, if you were not the home team and there were no injuries a report is unnecessary. 

Each coach is responsible for phoning in scores to the ICYSL automated system. The winning team or home team in the case of a tie is supposed to call in score. The phone number to call is in the handout section of the ICYSL website. There is also a code you will need to know. Please note the code is different for playoff games. 
Additional Information for the curious
The MNJYSA system only allows me to see one week of games at a time. Listing the week letter and team name in the subject line allows me to 
1) More easily find the game
2) Easily retrieve a game report should the need arise
Reporting home or away also allows me to more easily find your game in the system. 

Thank you all for your cooperation.