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AAA League - Skills Check Event

WHEN: Wednesday, March 21 

TIME:  6:15-7:45pm

WHERE:  Orchard Elementary Gym

 If school is closed that day, this event will be postponed.  
Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to allow ample time for all players to check-in.  Players will be evaluated on their abilities in pitching only.  The evaluators will be looking for mechanics as well as execution. Players can not be dropped off; an adult needs to present and responsible for each child. Players should wear sneakers and bring a glove.  Players should NOT wear a shirt with his/her name on the back.
THE PURPOSE OF THE SKILLS CHECK:  In addition to considering play-with requests, this year’s AAA teams are going to be created via a modified draft.  The goal of the modified draft is to ensure each team has—to the best of our ability—an equal number of players with pitching skills and ability all the while trying to meet the play with requests of the players.  All children are assigned to a team and play in the league (regardless of their scores); there are no cuts.  
If for any reason your player(s) cannot attend the skills check, please call 802-338-2890 or email [email protected] before the event.  Regardless of whether or not a player is able to attend this important skills check event, all players are assigned to a team.