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Feb, 2023


1. Login or Create an account in an adult's name
2. Add adults and kids as players.  Eligibility for programs is based on age.
3. On your account page, you'll see blue boxes with the number of programs available for each player.
4. Click on the blue box to see the list of programs.
5. Clicking the name of the program will give you detailed information about it.
6. To register for the program:
on laptop/desktop, click "view divisions"
on phone, click the down "arrow"
7. Click "Select" for the division you want (usually there's only one)
8. Answer any questions and read and accept any waivers for the program.
9. Do the same for each player and program you want to register.
10. Pay the fees to complete registration.  
11. You'll save on processing fees by registering multiple players or for multiple programs at the same time.

For help, please call 618-463-3580 during office hours, 8 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday, excluding holidays.