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Elsinore Valley Baseball

About EVB

EVB strives to teach the fundamentals of the game of baseball, life skills through competition, teamwork and sportsmanship, and to provide these teachings in an environment that is safe and fun for the children.  We will treat every player, parent, spectator, umpire and coach fairly and equally.  Everyone involved in EVB is expected to adhere to a Code of Conduct that promotes the well-being and safe and healthy atmosphere for all.  Our local rules are focused on making this a positive experience for ALL of our children whether they aspire to play in the major leagues or simply want a place to play and enjoy youth sports with their friends and family.  We work hard to select coaches that not only know baseball, but are truly focused on the development and enjoyment of EACH player on their roster.  Our generous “minimum play” rules help Elsinore Valley Baseball lead the way in giving all of the children of our community a chance to shine.
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